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20 Common Gaming Slangs: Every Gamer Must Know

Past few years gaming industries make revolutionary turns towards success. Almost all gaming companies improving day by day to make users more addicted.

Today we’re discussing gaming slang and this slang has become popular especially due to multiplayer games like Pubg, Fortnite, and Call of Duty online versions games. Without wasting any second, let’s dive straight into the best common gaming slangs.

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Common Gaming Slangs

1. ADD

When additional NPC or enemy joins the fight and usually your behavior.

2. AFK

Referring to away from the keyboard. This is used to letting people know that there are players that are just not going to be doing.


Use for Threat, Enmity, and Hate. This shows basically who the monster wants to hit the most you.

4. BIO

Use for a break. Usually to drink water or more importantly use the washroom.

5. BOT

Sometimes it means bottom. It actually the term is a verb where somebody having a computer software program that plays the game for them.

6. CC

CC is crowd control this simply means controlling part of the fight.

7. Get REKT

It means destroyed and also it refers to the whole team getting destroyed by an enemy.

8. Noob

A person that newbie to the game or a person that is not skilled yet to play games with pro players.

9. HUD

Hud shows the health of a person and other helpful information for gameplay.

10. DING

When a player hits a new level CONGRATS.

11. GPS

Typically refer to damage dealer and also refer to the meters actual amount of damage per second.

12. FTP

Means Free To Play conversation when people realize that game is not subscription-based.

13. Spawn

The player comes back to life after being killed. If you keep killing enemies and new enemies appear you could say that new enemies are spawning.

14. Grinding

If you do repetitive tasks like shooting, fighting an enemy over and over again then you could say Grinding.

15. LOL

Lol stands for laugh out loud.

16. MOB

This is bad NPC means if you get close to the enemy you could say Mob.

17. Griefer

This slang is commonly used in games like Minecraft. It refers to players that make other players’ gaming experience a live a hell.

18. Lag

Especially for online games refers to delay between input and output.

19. Pre-made

Group of players that already knew each other before the fight.

20. Pwned

A player that totally dominated another player. You can also say to someone that you completely crushed in an online game.

Which Common Gaming Slangs do you like the most? Share your views with us.

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