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iOS 15.4 is released: Here’s what you can see now 2022

  • iOS 15.4 update officially released on iPhone users’ phones on March 14.
  • In the latest Apple event, the newly launched green iPhone 13 and alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone SE come with preloaded iOS 15.4, claimed by Apple.
  • Many features come with iOS 15.4 updates, like Face ID with Mask, New Emoji, Universal Control, brand-new Siri voice, and other minor updates.

What is Universal Control?

Universal Control is a new feature in macOS Catalina that lets you use other Apple devices as second screens. You can move content seamlessly between your Mac and your other Apple devices using only one device. Universal Control makes it easy to work on your Mac and your other Apple devices at the same time.

Universal Control is available on all Macs running macOS Catalina. To use Universal Control, you need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or later, and a Mac running macOS Catalina.

 Apple says Universal control is available on: 

  • MacBook Pro (2016 and later)
  • MacBook (2016 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later)
  • iMac (2017 and later)
  • iMac (5K Retina 27-inch, late 2015)
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Mini (2018 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2019)
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (third generation and later)
  • iPad (sixth generation and later)
  • iPad Mini (fifth generation and later)

iOS 15.4 Update: Can I use Face ID with masks?

One of the significant improvements made in iOS 15.4 is the support for using Face ID while wearing a mask. Apple states that it scans the “unique characteristics of the eye region” to authenticate your identity using your Face ID while wearing a mask.

When you install iOS 15.4, You’ll receive a brand new setup process to use Face ID with a mask. Apple says the fact that Face ID is “most accurate when it’s configured for face recognition that is full-face.” In that mind, there is the possibility for using Face ID with a mask in any case.

The new Emoji feature

iOS 15.4 also includes over 37 new emoji characters from which to choose. These new emoji options are part of the emoji 14.0 collection. They include characters like peeking face, heart hands, tears of joy, and many more.

Tap To Pay

Apple announced on 8 February that iPhones would be able to serve as POS terminals in the future. The manufacturer’s feature, known as Tap to Pay, had APIs that developers could use in the iOS 15.4 beta.

Basically, there’s a lot to learn with iOS 15.4, so be sure to come back for further tips and suggestions on how to make the most of it.

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