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Best Drone Brands: Top 5 Drone Manufacturer Companies 2022

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and as technology advances, more people are wanting to get their hands on a drone.

If you’re looking for the best drones on the market, you’ll want to check out the top drone manufacturer companies. These companies produce some of the best drones available, and they continue to innovate and come up with new and exciting products.

In this article, we will discuss the best drone brands and provide an overview of each company.

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What are the Best Drones Brands? at a glance

We researched and find some of the top brands you should consider for purchasing a drone.

1. DJI – Overall top drone brand

DJI Logo (Overall Best Drone Brands)
Image Credit: DJI

DJI is a leading drone manufacturing company with lots of popular products out there. The name DJI stands for (Da-Jiang Innovations) founded by Frank Wang in 2006. The company headquarter is based in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.

It’s the top consumer drone manufacturer, known mainly for its Popular drones including DJI Air 2S, Mavic 3, DJI Mini 2, and many others. You can easily trust DJI products and give them a try. No matter what type of drone you need DJI has a wide range of collection beginner-friendly drones to a professional level.

DJI keeps inviting its designs and technology to serve consumers’ best ever products. Recently in 2020 DJI made a revolutionary drone with a with of half-pound but features are unstoppable, the name is Mavic Mini. DJI put all the top features into this mini drone that’s amazing.

Did you know: DJI made the first drone manufacturer that launch a drone for commercial use

2. Yuneec International

Yuneec International logo
Image Credit: Yuneec

Another great international brand is called Yuneec. It is a Chinese-based aircraft manufacturer based in Jinxi, Kunshan, a town in Jiangsu. It first started making aircraft before the company launched there first commercially successful RC airplane (Drones).

Yuneec is also well known for its quality products as DJI. It was doing great to stay ahead of the completion. A few years back Yuneec launched Typhoon H520, it was the first commercial drone with a high level of customer support. Another popular model by Yuneec was Mantis Q, This is the first camera drone from YUNEEC that can be intuitively controlled by voice command.

3. Parrot

Parrot logo
Image Credit: Parrot

Parrot is one of the first and best drone manufacturing companies founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux. Parrot is a leading European group in the fast-growing drone industry. Although Parrot trekked away from the toy drone market in 2019 it’s still a leader in the drone market.

The company also works with the USA defense military to build short-range military surveillance aircraft. The company’s expert capabilities are mainly divided into three upright markets 3D Mapping, Surveying, and Inspection, Defense and Security, and Agriculture. The most popular drones by parrot include Anafi, Swing Bebop, and Bebop 2.

4. Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics
Image Credit: Autel Robotics

The second last brand on the list is named Autel Robotics. It is also one of the best camera drone manufacturing companies against market leader DJI. It sells the most advanced drones with cameras today in the market. It brings consumers high-quality technology at affordable prices. Also, customer support of the company is also great that is a big plus point of this company.

This company is owned by Autel Intelligent Technology in China but technically it is an American company. One of the popular drones by this brand is Autel Robotics EVO 2.

5. Freefly Systems

FreeFly system logo
Image Credit: FreeFly

It’s American based brand based in Woodinville, WA, United States. They design manufactures and markets camera movement systems and camera stabilizers used in cinematography including unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial cinematography, some hand-held gimbals, and also drones. You’ll not see this company as your local electronics retailer.

One thing you should keep in mind is that free-fly drones are very expensive than other brands and can be not affordable for many users. The very well-known drone by Freefly includes Astro and Alta x.

Bottom Line

So the list of best drone manufacturing companies ends up. We do our best research and honestly mention these top brands. All the brands have their own unique strengths and drawbacks.

Overall the leader in the drone industry that fits best for most users is DJI and honestly, we also like this company’s products more than any other.

Check out some other companies list;

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best drone company to buy from?

There are many companies that sell drones. Some of the most popular companies to buy from are DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec.

What is the best type of drone to buy?

The best type of drone to buy depends on the purpose you wish to use it for. If you are looking for a drone just to fly around and have some fun, then the cheapest one will do. However, if you want a drone that can take high-quality photos or videos and can fly in different types of weather, then it is worth spending more money on a high-end model.

How much does a beginner’s drone cost?

Toy drones typically cost $20-$250, camera drones range from $300-3000 with DJI Mavic Pro starting at $999. Professional drone users are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the flight time and image quality they require. It is a costly investment but worth it in order to satisfy their needs and achieve their targets.

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