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5 Best Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

When talking about the most essential software for the newly installed window we can’t deny the importance of a download manager. Around billions of people, internet users use Youtube and they only don’t watch the video but also want to download it.

Sometimes it’s very hard and seems impossible for new internet users how to download Youtube videos but they don’t know about the download managers. Most internet geeks know about the most popular downloader named “Internet Download Manager”.

Though it is very good most people don’t like it. That’s the reason today our guide is the best alternatives of Internet Download Manager (IDM).

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5 Best Alternatives of Internet Download Manager

Below are some good download managers listed according to reviews, features, and speed, and graphical user interface.

Internet Download Accelerator

5. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator is the most advanced download manager on our list. According to (IDA) it solves three major problems like speed, resumes broken files, and easy to manage downloaded files. Its most noticeable feature is that it doesn’t directly download huge files but also splits files into small parts.

Xtreme Download Manager

4. Xtreme Download Manager

Unlike other download managers here Xtreme download manager is open source means no ads and no money required to get an advantage from this software. XDM also uses for cross platforms, it works well whether you have Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Xtreme Download Manager has a dark theme with flat GUI icons. It can automatically fetch your download links and its speed performance is very impressive.

Ninja Download Manager

3. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a very fast download manager and its GUI is not impressive but with speed, it is listed on our top 3 list. It increases your download speed up to 20x, schedule downloads, easily pause and resume downloads. Their many options for you but if you love to download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other platforms it automatically fetches the URL and downloads it.


2. JDownloader

With a larger community, JDownloader is the best free open-source download manager. You can modify it to your own preference if you know about programming. It is also available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It offers you excellent speed, an automatic extractor, and multilingual support.

Free Download Manager

1. Free Download Manager

The most interesting feature is you can download Youtube videos with your mouse right-click amazing. You can schedule your download, limit download speed, Bit Torrent Support, etc. It provides you the boost of 25x speed and also provides you the option of enhancing the video and audio file. It allows you to resume broken downloads from where it stops.

Which Alternatives of Internet Download Manager do you like the most? Share your views with us.

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