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The Best Gaming Keyboards: Whole Winner of 2021

Investing bucks in the best gaming keyboards is an essential need of any gamer. Because without keyboards is like no sort of gaming. Most of the gamers have common keyboards but it’s totally okay because it depends upon your budget.

As you know HA Bytes is the name of quality product finding here is also an option for budget gamers. Some keyboards are not budget-friendly so the best one for you depends upon your personal preference needs.

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Best Gaming Keyboards You Can Buy Today

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro

Brand: Steelseries | Cable: 2x USB Type-A | Build of: Aluminum alloy frame | Weight: 2.14 pounds

This Steelseries Apex Pro is the best mechanical keyboard you can blindly buy it. It integrated with OLED and Omni point analogue switches. The Apex Pro build quality is good though. It has one incline setting and comes with nice magnetic wrist rest. Here OLED screen allows you to change settings and colour profiles without minimizing your game. You can use its USB passthrough to charge your mobile devices or plug your mouse.

See full review: Steelseries Apex Pro *This review link is from Third Party Site*

2. Corsair K100 RGB Optical

Brand: Corsair | Cable: 6 feet (1.8m), braided, non-removable | Build of: Aluminum top plate | Weight: 2.89 pounds

Finding the best product like a keyboard I know is difficult but here Corsair K100 RGB every upgrade its model become more premium. On left top button which is used to dim or increase lighting, play music, zoom in and out, switch application, vertical and horizontal scrolling and more. There is a USB passthrough and cable channels on the backside. Well, overall Corsair is best for you with extra fancy features and that’s the reason it’s top of the list.

See full review: Corsair K100 RGB *This review link is from Third Party Site*

3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Brand: Razer | Cable: USB Type-A to USB Type-C | Build of: Aluminum top plate, plastic base | Weight: 3.1 pounds

Our pick in best wireless keyboard is Razer BlackWindow V3 Pro. This gaming keyboard connects with Bluetooth and pair with three different devices. It builds with an aluminium top plate which exhibits little flex overall is excellent. The con is yeah it’s wireless but that doesn’t mean its travel friendly. Razer Pro has a simple design with an incline setting making it comfortable with long periods of use. Razer keypads don’t require a lot of force to actuate and experience a clicky sound.

See full review: Razer BlackWindow V3 Pro *This review link is from Third Party Site*

4. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Brand: Razer | Cable: Wired – Attached | Build of: Aluminium top plate | Weight: 2.09 pounds

Razer is especially a gaming company it has its own gaming laptop gaming mouse, gaming keyboards, pretty much everything related to gaming. The con here is its meca membrane keys don’t suit some peoples but its offer you full demand typing or gaming experience. Cynosa may lack some features like dedicated wrist rest and media control. It has very good RGB lighting which is programmed on a per-key basis.

See full review: Razer Cynosa Chroma *This review link is from Third Party Site*

5. Logitech G413

Brand: Logitech | Cable: 6-foot, braided, two USB ends | Build of: Plastic (chassis), aluminium (top plate) | Weight: 2.4 pounds

Our pick is the best budget-friendly best gaming keyboard comes from Logitech. It’s a very good model that’s fairly well-built with a nice brushed aluminium coat. Logitech G413 uses tactile Romer-G switches which feel light and very responsive for gaming. Here it doesn’t have dedicated media keys while other competitors have but a major limitation is it doesn’t have LED lights. Overall according to user reviews and video reviews that we check it’s best for you if you’re on a budget.

See full review: Logitech G413 *This review link is from Third Party Site*


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