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Best gadgets of 2021: best latest tech to buy right now

When you search for the best gadgets of 2021, then the money is no object to the latest technology. It’s very hard to stay up-to-date with the growth of technology gadgets. HA Bytes regularly research and find the best gadgets for you and daily update with the latest gadgets list.

From Laptops to TVs our list is based on user ratings and industry leaders. We collected for you the best of the best. Our product review testing passes many ways to test and then we selected for you. Here we compiled the top tech gadgets for men, women, computer geeks, and actually anyone who uses all these gadgets.

Best Gadgets of 2021 at a Glance

Please: Because the specifications of every gadget are changed frequently. If you find any mistake in the information, so please contact us we take immediate action to improve them.

Best Phone of 2021: Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple-iPhone-11-Pro-best-mobile -gadget-of-2020

Released: September 2019 | Weight: 188g | Dimensions: 144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm | OS: iOS 13 | Screen size: 5.8 inches | RAM: 4 GB | Storage: 64 / 256 / 512 GB | CPU: Hexa-core | Resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels | Battery: Up-to 18 hours of video | Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP | Front Camera: 12MP

The iPhone 11 Pro design is a stainless steel structural band and a three-dimensional glass back. It is available in four textured matte finish colors. The iPhone 11 Pro is a sibling of the iPhone 11. Now, in iPhone 11 Pro it’s double the water resistance depth of 4 meters for a max of 30 minutes. iPhone 11 Pro provides you high-quality camera with triple-lens.

The triple-lens system combines innovative technology with the extraordinary ease of the iPhone. The video quality in the iPhone 11 Pro is now even better, with a dynamic range of 4K at 60fps. Night mode is one of the most important things that if you upgrade your iPhone.

Price: $679 | Check Price on Apple

Best Laptop of 2021: Dell XPS 13


CPU: Intel-core i7 | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 | RAM: 16 GB | Screen size: 13.3 inch | Storage: 1 TB SSD | Camera: Widescreen HD 2.25mm | Weight: 1.23 kg | Bluetooth: 4.2 | Ports: 3 | Wi-Fi: 802.11ac | Resolution: 3840 x 2160

I think the 2020 XPS 13 is one of the best options that you can get for just overall 13-inch ultra-books. Last year its camera fixed in the bottom but now dell changes its camera position and fixed it into the top, looking good. The second change is aesthetically changed, now it comes in white finish.

Dell XPS 13 (2020) comes with a 2.25mm webcam, you will be shocked to hear it, he spent two years on his design. The laptop is thin and light from the last year. This laptop is not for serious gaming. But no worry battery fulfils this gaming problem because its long-lasting battery life can help you the usage of up to 12 hours.

Price: $999 | Check Price on Dell

Best TV of 2021: Samsung Q90R QLED TV


Screen type: OLED | Screen sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches | Resolution: 4K | Dimensions: 1450 x 922 x 248mm | Weight: 35kg | HDMI: 4 | Operating System: Samsung Tizen | Smart TV: Yes

At a glance, it looks like the screen is floating and its design is impressive. The Samsung Q90R provides high-level picture quality. Samsung Q90R has the same One Connect box found on many other high-end Samsung. The borders of the TV are also thin and look good. The Q90R has a very good local dimming with many zones. Fast response time is important to reduce the amount of motion smearing.

This TV has a quick response time, good for gamers. It has the same Tizen based smart platform as other Samsung TVs. It is very easy to use and accessed from the home bar on the bottom of the screen. There is also a Bixby voice assistant which works well. It is faster than previous Samsung TVs, which is nice.

Price: $2,599 | Check Price on Samsung

Overall The Best Tablet: iPad Pro 11 (2018)


Released: October 2018 | OS: iOS 12 | CPU: A12X Bionic | Dimensions: 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9 mm | Screen Size: 11 inches | Resolution: 1668 x 2388 pixels | GPU: Apple GPU (7-core graphics) | Card slot: No | Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB/1TB | Battery: 7,812 mAh | Rear Camera: 12MP | Front Camera: 7MP

It is the beautiful most powerful and most impressive iPad yet, thanks to iOS 12. This iPad is thin, 5.9 millimetres flat. It has incredible bezel displays and huge impressive speakers. iPad Pro performance is incredible and its resolution is 1668 x 2388. When it comes to serious performance, the A12X Bionic is the heart of the iPad Pro.

It is faster than 90% of portable PCs. The camera on the back is the same as iPhone 10s. Currently available colour in space grey and silver in similar shades. The iPad Pro has a Smart Keyboard in the range of $179, which is an expensive option.

Price: $949 | Check Price on Apple

Best smartwatch : Apple Watch 5


Released: September 2019 | OS: watchOS6 | Display: 1.78″ OLED | Processor: Apple S5 | Resolution: 448 x 368 | Storage: 32 GB | Weight: 47.8g | Battery: 18 hours | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE | USB: No | Card Slot: No | Colors: Space Black, Silver, Gold

In the apple event, there weren’t really all that many new features. The Apple series 5 updates into new brushed titanium, ceramic, and stainless. Apple watch maintains an always-on display with new display technology. Apple talks about (LTPO) low-temperature polycrystalline oxide used in series 5 for run longer.

The cool thing is if you on holiday and injured then apple watch 5 automatically calls local emergency services and saves your life. It comes with 32GB storage with a long-lasting battery time of 18 hours. When you in the gym, the app gives you tons of different exercises that might help you. It also includes heart monitoring and fitness features and GPS trackers.

Price: $399 | Check Price on Apple

The Best Headphone : Sony WH-1000XM3

sony-wh-1000-xm3-best headphones

Type: Closed, Dynamic | Weight: Approx. 8.99 oz | Drivers: 40mm Dual-Layered Diaphragm | Frequency response: 4 Hz-40,000 Hz | Cable Length: 3.94 ft | Sensitivity: 104.5 dB | Wireless Range: 30 meters | NFC: Yes | Battery life: 30 hours(NC On) Max 38 hours(NC off)

Sony WH-1000XM3 is the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones gadget in the market. Its design is very similar to the XM2s, this headphone is a very comfortable fit on-ear. The Sony headphone comes in two beautiful colors first is black and the second is gray-silver. According to Sony, these headphone pairs provide four times the best noise-canceling than the previous model 1000XM2.

The performance of phone calls with these headphones is so clear because of its built-in microphone. So amazing feature is its battery life its battery remains the last stand 30 hours (NC ON) and a maximum of 38 hours (NC OFF) according to Sony. According to HA Bytes, we think this headphone is best for beating the competition on the noise-canceling market. The big change is Sony moved from Micro USB to USB-C charging.

Price: $299 | Check Price on Sony

Best fitness tracker : Fitbit Versa 2


Released: September 2019 | Brand: Fitbit | Design: Rectangular, Flat Dial | Display: 1.32 inches | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Activity tracker: Yes | Colors: Black, Grey, Peach | GPS: Yes | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows OS | Storage: 2.5 GB | Waterproof: Yes ( 50 meters ) | Battery life: 6 days

Fitbit Versa 2 is the best fitness tracker of 2020 and 2021 overall. This fitness tracker has all the features that work well to provide the best fitness. It comes in two different colors black, grey and peach. Fitbit Versa 2 apps help you provide real-time activities and are fully customizable. It is one of the best gadgets of 2021 overall. You can control your Fitbit with the Fitbit App and share your achievements with other Fitbit users.

The Fitbit is connected with GPS. Now, Fitbit helps you track while sleeping. The coolest feature is auto detect the various common types of exercise. The Fitbit has built-in Alexa, you can use Alexa to see weather and set alarms, etc. This fitness tracker improves his battery life than the previous edition. The battery of Fitbit Versa 2 lasts stand 6 days or longer depending upon your use.

Price: $200 | Check Price on Fitbit

The Brilliant Camera in 2021: Nikon Z6


Lens Mount: Nikon Z mount | Resolution: 24.5 MP | Autofocus: 273 points AF | Screen type: 3 inches, touchscreen | Sensor Size: 35.9mm x 23.9mm | Total pixels: 25.28million | Card Slot: 1 slot Storage Media: XQD memory cards | Shooting speed: 12fps | Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi | Battery Life: 310 shots | Movies: 4K | User level: Enthusiast / Expert | Image Quality: Great | Weight: 674g +battery+memory card

Nikon has stated intentions pretty intend to disrupt Sony’s mirrorless dominance. Nikon Zed 6 design-wise, same as the set of seven, and handling and ergonomics are identical with the weatherproof body. The in-body stabilization rivals even beat the a7 3. A mirrorless full-frame camera comes with great features, performance, and price. It has a 24.5MP sensor to provide the best resolution of image quality.

The z6 can also output 10-bit to an external recorder, giving you more work in post-production. Nikon Z6 autofocus feature is best of best 273-point AF with 90% frame coverage and AF hybrid system. Already Nikon users will be very comfortable with its design and grabbing. There’s only one card slot XQD, which is against the z6. The battery life is excellent.

Price: $1,799 | Check Price on Nikon

The Best Gaming Laptop: Alienware Area 51m


Display: 17.3 inches | CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K | GPU: NVIDIA GetForce RTX 2080 | OS: Windows 10 | Dimensions: 410 x 403 x 27.65 | Storage: 1TB SSD | RAM: 64GB DDR4 | Weight: 8.5 pounds | Ports: 3 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

The Alienware Area 51m is one serious piece of kit and it feels good. The body made by magnesium chassis has to be one of the most rigid, there’s no flex. The most insane features of this gaming laptop are a powerful performance with a perfect keyboard and unlimited user upgradeability. In short, Alienware Area 51m is freaking gorgeous.

Most of the gamers upgrade there’s a laptop but limit in it, but in this 51m, the laptop is unlimited upgradeable. The cooling fans are loud, their weight about 8.5 pounds and it is 1.7 inches thick. There’s no doubt Dells trying to make a statement with the area 51m app it’s targeted at gamers who demand peak gaming performance.

Price: $1,999 | Check Price on Dell

All in one PC of 2021: Dell XPS (8930) Tower SE


CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 | RAM: 8GB to 64GB | Power Supply: 460watt | Connectivity: Killer 1535 802.11ac, Bluetooth | Operating system: Windows 10 | Size: 7.09 x 14.02 x 15.22 inches | Ports: 7 | Storage: 256GB to 1TB | Weight: 22 pounds (10kg)

Dell XPS Tower SE PC got the first position on our recommended Gadgets list 2021. One of the most important things about XPS is the most affordable computer in 2021. Most desktop user needs the best Xtreme performance PC they buy a computer but they don’t upgrade as much they need. Its interior is easy to access has no tools. If you want to upgrade XPS ES, its maintenance and upgrades are fairly simple.

This is one of the best gadgets in Tower PC. When comes to its performance processor of intel core i7 with NVIDIA GTX 1070 and 16 GB RAM (DDR4) allows you to enjoy incredible computer speed. Its GTX 1070 makes it proficient at 60fps HD gaming and for multi-tasking, the PC doesn’t hang. Dell XPS front panel USB-c port is a single change, this model different is their fans are loud this time.

Price: $850 | Check Price on Dell

Overall Best Keyboard of 2021: Topre Realforce 104UBS Silent variable


Print: Sublimation printing | Weight: 1.4 Kg | Dimensions: 168.5mm x 455mm x 39.6mm | Interface: USB | Key weight: Variable weight | Cable length: 1.5m | Key lifetime: 30million times

The front Keyboard is a simple slight there key Cavs are smooth. The Topre keyboard built a tough solid that does not flex. Hitting the real force keyboard produces a nice sound, which is great for if you work in an office or a bedroom.

The including main features is smooth typing and quiet. This keyboard is very expensive if you are on a budget.

Price: $256 | Check Price on Amazon

Best mini PC Overall: Apple Mac mini 2018


Processor: Intel Core i3-8100 | GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 | Ports: 4 | Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Bluetooth 5 | Dimensions: 1.4 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches | Storage: 128GB SSD | RAM: 8GB (DDR4) | Weight: 1.3 Kg

Finally, four years later, the apple refreshed with improved components. The mini is a viable choice for anyone who wants a compact desktop or streaming machine. The only apple that makes a few changes to the Mac mini (2018) comes with a Space grey color. The storage of a mini PC (SSD) means it runs cooler and works well. This mini-computer is a powerful small machine if you want to get good speed.

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You can any upgrade their RAM, which means your mini-computer will be up-to-date. The design-wise apple mac mini looks gorgeous and moving on its back having three thunderbolt ports, two are 3.0 and the one is 2.0. Overall, the performance is best we see the file transfer process is quick enough. According to Geekbench4, mac mini scored 13,666 points.

Price: $799 | Check Price on Apple

Portable Waterproof Speaker: JBL Flip 5


Bluetooth version: 4.2 | Auto-power off: Yes | Speakerphone: No| Voice assistant: No | Waterproof: Yes | Frequency response: 65Hz-20kHz | Battery charge time: 2.5 hours | Battery life: Up to 12 hours | Dimensions: 7.4 x 18.1 x 6.9cm | Weight: 540g

If you want to buy the best portable wireless speaker in the range between $100 then JBL Flip 5 is best for you to fulfill your fragging need. The amazing thing is its Bluetooth (4.2) with USB-C charging takes 2.5 hours to charge and its battery life gains more attraction with its playing time about 12 hours up-to.

The JBL 5 gives you the stark clarity of sound with its ( 65Hz to 20kHz) frequency response time. It is available in a vastly different color variety. When we test this speaker, they impress us. The small speaker gives a clear sound with a low battery-consuming process. The JBL Flip 5 is a lightweight Bluetooth Speaker to carry anywhere, even in bad weather it works smoothly because it’s waterproof.

Price: $119 | Check Price on JBL

Best Mouse of 2021: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S


Dimensions: 1003 x 61.6 x 34.4mm | Weight: 106g | DPI: 4000 | Interface: Bluetooth and Unifying Reciever | Buttons: 7 | Features: Logitech flow, Logitech Unifying Receiver, Logitech Easy-Switch | Warranty: One year

You will give a chance to prove how strong, efficient this little mouse is. The Logitech mouse is best for productivity and has many features. This mouse is too small for big hands users and another thing is that it’s pricey for some users.

It controls multi-computer and travels friendly with fast charging. Clicking on its buttons doesn’t produce any sound that irritates you while the flow of working. Looking at portability, the low profile and has just enough frame width.

Price: $79 | Check Price on Amazon

Best Electric Skateboard: Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+


Brand: Boosted Boards | Model: Boosted Board 2ng Gen Dual+ | Motor power: 2000 watts | Top speed: 35 km/h | Battery: Lithium-ion | Deck: Bamboo | Size: 96.5 cm x 20cm x 12.7 cm | Weight: 6.7Kg | Max load: 120Kg | Warranty: 2 Years

This electric skateboard is popular for various is qualities with its latest use of technology and excellent features. Its deck is made up of bamboo 100 percent, which makes it a strong and responsive ride. The coolest thing about this board is its design controls friendly. You can handle it with the killer’s own control system.

Its powerful motor provides you to climb hills with its 2000 watts motor. Its ranks as the number one skateboard in 2020. One more thing is when you applied brakes the energy is stored and which recharges the battery. This skateboard is one of the best gadgets of 2021 among all kids but also for adults. The boosted board is a remote control and Bluetooth operated and also has light to use in the night.

Price: $1,999 | Check Price on eBay

Best wireless earbuds: Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds


Frequency response: 20 to 20K Hz | Drivers: 6mm | Sensitivity: N/A | NFC: Yes | Design: Closed, dynamic | Bluetooth: 5.0 v | Noise cancelling: Yes | Weight: 70g | Battery life: 6 hours | Wireless range: 30feet

The Sony WF 1000XM3 is very suitable for your home use and gym. But they feel slightly dull when it does not have a water resistance feature because some men have no time to put their earphones on the side. Its efficient noise cancelling feature is excellent, which made him to best earphones for noise cancellation.

While Apple Euripides tried to replicate this but it can’t because of its features. If you don’t like to carry full heavyweight cans with you, then it is the best choice for you. Its battery life is average at about 6 hours. But its continuous updates don’t know what change Sony’s make.

Price: $199 | Check Price on Sony

Best video doorbell Gadget: Nest Hello


Resolution: 1600 x 1200 | Sensor Resolution: 3 MP | Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant | Dimensions: 1.7 x 4.6 x 1″ | Weight: 121g | Battery: wired | Starting storage price: $50 /Year

The Nest Hello is the best video doorbell overall to spy on your door. Its microphone and speaker quality are excellent. The Nest can also recognize people’s faces and announce with Google assistant when they came. You must have Wi-Fi and try to put more close to a Wi-Fi connection.

Because it records video on Nest servers and you can also see what’s on the door with the Nest Hello app. If you follow the step-by-step guide with the Nest Hello box you can install this quickly but if failed then a Nest Hello man comes and do it for you. The facial recognition feature gives Nest Hello more popularity in the video doorbell category.

Price: $299 | Check Price on Google

Best Gaming Console: Sony Playstation 4 Pro


Processor: x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8 cores | GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine | RAM: 8GB GDDR5 | Storage: 1TB | Weight: 3.3Kg | Resolution: 2160p | Optical Drive: DVD/Blu-ray | Dimensions: 12.8 x 11.6 x 2.1 inch (WxLxH)

Sony steps into new territory by offering a mid-cycle higher power version of PlayStation 4. The Sony Pro enhances future PlayStation 4 games. The PlayStation 4 Pro plays all the same games like PlayStation 4 play games, so if you upgrading you didn’t want to the fresh library. Sony’s gaming console is best for playing games and its 4K feature in-game cool.

You will find when you play games PlayStation 4 Pro serves sharped images and cool smooth performance. This gaming console is the most popular console and plays high-fidelity games. The PlayStation 4 has the best games but now, PS4 Pro makes it more stunning. The PS4 Pro also brings 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi support in Sony consoles which help you download large games.

Price: $399 | Check Price on Amazon

Best printer of 2021: HP Laser jet Pro M15w


Functions: Print | Ink: Black toner | Slot: No | Speed: 19ppm | Print quality: 600 x 600 dpi | Memory: 16MB | App support: Yes | Weight: 3.8Kg | Size: 159 x 346 x 189mm (HxWxD) | Paper capacity: 100 sheets |

The HP Laserjet Pro M15w is legion for work in-home or office. It’s not only smaller in size, but also cheapest in price. HP design look fit in a micro office and desk at home. It produces no sound on standby mode, so it will not distract while the flow of work.

Print speed is fast (19ppm) and also provides the best page quality according to this price. This printer is ever easy to install we have ever reviewed. You can also connect via Wi-Fi or USB. It also handles one hundred sheets of paper on his plate. But only one thing is missing there is no display.

Price: $109 | Check Price on HP

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