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What are NFTs? Explained

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens. NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique and cannot be interchangeable. This makes them different from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which can be divided and traded in fractional amounts.

The defining characteristic of NFTs is that each token represents something unique. A token could represent a single house on a street, or an individual space on the moon.

NFT applications are almost limitless, but some promising use cases include the management of virtual assets, ownership records for collectibles, proof of authorship in written works, tracking of endangered species populations, and decentralized gambling.

Blockchain Gaming Studio 0x is built around this idea, with their platform being utilized by games like SaruTobi Island and Fomo3D. CryptoKitties launched on Ethereum to great success as well, utilizing ERC 721 smart contracts to ensure that no two kitties were alike. Allowing full customization of tokens opens up a whole new world for game developers and digital asset holders.

What is the Future of NFTs?

The future looks bright for NFTs. With projects like Akasha, which aims to create a decentralized social media platform that uses NFTs for user profiles and interactions, it’s clear that there are many exciting possibilities for this technology. As blockchain technology becomes more ubiquitous, it’s likely that NFTs will become an increasingly popular way to represent digital assets and interact with them.

Should I Invest in NFT?

That’s a question that can only be answered by you. NFTs are still in their early days, and there is no guarantee of future returns. However, if you believe in the potential of this technology, then investing in NFTs could be a wise decision.

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