Friday, September 16, 2022

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Tesla Gaming Feature Being Investigated by US Auto Safety Regulators

On Wednesday US Auto Safety Regulators said they open a safety investigation into 580,000 Tesla cars since they sold 2017 to allow games in the front center touchscreen.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it has “confirmed that this capability has been available since December 2020 in Tesla ‘Passenger Play’-equipped vehicles.” Before then, the game feature “was enabled only when the vehicle was in Park.”

According to the agency, they open an investigation based on reports “Tesla’s gameplay functionality is visible from the driver’s seat and can be enabled while driving the vehicle.”

In 2013, NHTSA issued guidelines to encourage automakers “to factor safety and driver distraction-prevention into their designs and adoption of infotainment devices in vehicles.”

The guidelines “recommend that in-vehicle devices be designed so that they cannot be used by the driver to perform inherently distracting secondary tasks while driving,” the agency said.

The agency in August opened a safety investigation into 765,000 Tesla vehicles over its driver-assistance system Autopilot after a series of crashes involving the system and parked emergency vehicles.

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