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Elon Musk thinks Web 3.0 is a buzzword, but why?

As new technology comes, the world becomes a better place, it’s my personal opinion. Cause why not. Instead of being rude about technology let’s embrace it.

Now the new one is Web 3.0 which lets users make the most from internet information. But wait Do you know what Elon thinks about Web 3.0?

Recently Elon Tweeted this;

He’s not trying to humor Web 3.0 but only wants to tell us that the future will be exciting in the next few decades. And after this tweet let’s see another tweet about Web 3.0 from Elon;

If you read comments of this tweet from Elon Musk you will find very funny things.

Web 3.0 is cool and Elon thinks it’s just a buzzword that is not right Elon’s only trying to tell the future is more exciting than you could not imagine.

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