Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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FedEx receives electric vans (GM Brightdrop) soon starting deliveries

Today, FedEx has received its first five GM Brightdrop full-electric vans, it will start deliveries soon. The company also announces that we order 500 Electric Vans from which we only receive yet 5 vans.

This is an important step towards FedEx’s goal it is officially stated that an all-electric delivery fleet and be carbon neutral around the world by 2040.

“The delivery of the first BrightDrop EV600s is a historic moment, born out of a spirit of collaboration between two leading American companies,” said Mitch Jackson, Chief Sustainability Officer, FedEx. “At FedEx, transforming our pickup and delivery fleet to electric vehicles is integral to achieving our ambitious sustainability goals announced earlier this year. This collaborative effort shows how businesses can take action to help usher in a lower-emissions future for all.”

FedEx plans to start Brightdrop vehicles on the roads to start deliveries in the first half of 2022 in Los Angeles (LA) and as more vehicles are added they will expand.

These first few EV600s were delivered to the FedEx Express facility in Inglewood, Calif. where they will be housed and operated. To support the new vehicle technology, FedEx is building charging infrastructure across its network of facilities, including the 500 charging stations the company has already installed across California.

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