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Sony X90J Review: Two Minute Review

Sony X90J TV is the best model that we have ever reviewed if you consider HA Bytes advice. Sony doesn’t release the new model until it has to be needed.

Sony X90J TV is better than X900H according to Ratings. It doesn’t mean that you trust blindly, here we discuss some major components and features of TV that you must have to consider before buying any TV.

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So let’s Dive 🤿 into the Real Arena!

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Sony X90J TV Two Minute Review

Sony X90J TV Review: Design

IF you look front design is almost identical to the X900H, it is simple minimalist like other previous Sony TVs. The glossy plastic might not everyone likes, but the bezels are nice and thin, which is best. The back design of the Sony X90J is a grid-like pattern, which looks good, but you will see a lot of flex in the back panel and around borders.

Sony X90J Review: Picture Quality

Sony X90J contrast ratio is fantastic, which means darker scenes won’t look washed out, even in a dark room. This step made X90J superior to X900H, and it’s made even better. The local dimming on the X90J is great, which useful array local dimming, although 24 dimming zones are large, so you may notice some blooming.

Sony X90J Review: Game Mode

Here, there isn’t much difference with local dimming when the TV turn on Game mode, which means you can play your favorite games without taking a hit in picture quality.

Sony X90J Review: Brightness

Sony X90J TV has impressive brightness in SDR, which is more than enough to overcome glare in any room. This Sony TV is slightly brighter than the X900H, even though, don’t place opposite of window or lighting room. Depending on scenes it can hit up to 600 or even 700 nits which is very impressive.

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Sony X90J Review: Motion

When we talk about motion, first start with response time. The X90J has a great response time, which means it can change color from one pixel to another very fast. This means less motion blur, which is remarkable for gaming fast content like sports, or action movie with fast stunts.

Sony X90J Review: Inputs

Sony X90J has four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one Ethernet port, TV tuner, and digital and audio analog. HDMI ports 3 and 4 only support HDMI 2.21 which means you can connect both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Sony X90J Review: Sound Quality

The doesn’t much low, but X90J has a good frequency response, better than most TVs these days. The sound profile is balanced, meaning clear dialogue.

Final Talk!

Sony X90J is a great TV, it performs well for most uses, mainly if you love to watch movies or play games. Overall contrast ratio is fantastic, full-array local dimming provides an amazing darkroom experience.

But gamers may be disappointed because it doesn’t have VRR support but still, it delivers an impressive gaming experience.

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This post was originally published on 9, November 2021, but according to new information stuff, this post is updated frequently.

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Sony X90J TV is better than X900H, but it doesn't mean that you trust blindly, here we discuss some major components and features of TV that you must have to consider before buying any TV.Sony X90J Review: Two Minute Review