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How to Clean Your CPU? (Easy Steps for Beginners)

How to Clean Your CPU? Might be difficult for some Users.

But with this guide, you can easily clean your CPU without any error occurs. Why I’m saying without an error occurring is that when anyone detaches the CPU from the PC, they made the mistake of putting and detaching the CPU.

Cleaning the CPU is a very tough task to do.

Follow the below steps one by one, without adding any extra thing that comes from your mind.

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How to Clean Your CPU? Video

How to Clean Your CPU?

Before starting cleaning your CPU, collect this thing first.

  • Cotton Wool or any small piece of cloth
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • One Very small wood stick

Detach your CPU from the motherboard but do it carefully, do not bend any stick of the processor.

After that, clean the back of your processor with wet wool but do it gently. After that, clean the stock fan that we put above of processor to cool the CPU.

Now, with cotton wool and with Isopropyl alcohol, rub both CPU and stock fan gently.

Put some thermal paste on both stock fan and on CPU but while rubbing thermal paste put a very small amount. Thermal paste will evaporate the isopropyl alcohol.

All set now, After cleaning your CPU, Now put back CPU into the motherboard.

If you don’t want to read these steps, so please follow the instructions in the above video about How to Clean Your CPU?

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