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Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar Review: Ultimate approach towards the Best Sound Quality

When it comes to delivering Dolby Atmos/DTS:X content, the Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar is a powerhouse. Thanks to its Acoustic Beam technology, the soundbar is able to create a panoramic soundstage that really brings movies and TV shows to life.

  • Good Build Quality
  • Compact Design
  • Excellent Subwoofer
  • Easy to Setup
  • Single HDMI Port
  • Alexa isn’t Good
  • Expensive

Price: $597

We are today living in a world where everyone wants to be the best and have the best out of something. So how anyone can miss the best of technology in this uniquely and perfectly designed technological world.

Samsung 800T soundbar is a 3.1.2 setup that was included in Samsung’s gallery in 2020. The whole soundbar consists of two parts

  • A Sound Bar unit
  • A Subwoofers unit

Everything is so perfectly designed according to today’s needs. The sleek setup of the soundbar unit makes it adjustable everywhere. The wireless subwoofer makes it easy to move them from place to place.

Connectivity options are so uncomplicated that it doesn’t require some perfectionist to manipulate them. Q symphony technology and an acoustic beam of 2.0 help you to create a more immersive sound experience.

What comes in the Box?

So, here are the number of things you will have after unboxing the Samsung 800T,

  • A soundbar unit
  • A subwoofer unit
  • a manual
  • HDMI cable
  • A remote with batteries (AA×2)
  • power cables (2×)
  • adapter for power cable 
  • wall barricade brackets 
  • screws for wall barricade brackets 
  • template for wall barricade brackets

Sound bar unit Review 

Similar to the Samsung HW Q70T the Samsung HW 800T soundbar has a metal grille covering the user and the front of the bar and the rest is covered with hard plastic.

The compact and slim design of the unit helps it to sit flush on the table, without covering the T.v screen and its infrared sensors. A theatre audio experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS.

The audio reproduction of Soundbar 800T  is neutral and well-balanced. But gets distracted by a low and high sound. The connectivity options and the sound customization system on the top of the sleek bar is touch screen sensitive buttons which have,

  • Turn on/off options
  • volume adjustable button
  • turn the mic on/off button
  • button to change inputs
  • alexa voice assistant operator button

The slim horizontal bar has two up-firing speakers integrated into the bar to bounce sound off the ceiling to give impressions of height. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have room correction feature settings, so the bar may sound different depending upon the room you’re in. 

On the front of the bar unit, there is an LED display that helps you to see what function you are operating with the remote. increase in volume on and off and other features display on it. On the back, there are two openings of the HW 800T bar unit which are for inputs and power cable. The bar has a great build quality metal grille to help protect the speaker.

  • Width of soundbar unit 38.6″(98.0cm)
  • Height of sound unit bar 2.4″ (6.0cm)
  • Depth of soundbar unit 4.5″  (cm)

Everything is so portably sized that it can be a good-looking and enhancing feature of a room or the table it is on. A Wireless connection on which music, audiobooks, and podcasts can be played easily. Dolby Digital and DTS are made to please movie fans, so they can easily enjoy their cinemas at home.

Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar Stylish Subwoofer review

The subwoofer is made up of wood and also has a thin fabric covering to protect it from dust particles and insects. Samsung HW 800T Subwoofer is slightly taller and deeper than Samsung Q70’s subwoofer. It is wirelessly connected to the bar and hence you can move it anywhere in the house.

The backside of the subwoofer is made up of plastic and has small ports for the put-in cables. The power cable connects to the bottom left corner and the pairing button is on the bottom right.

It has a width range of 8.0″ (20.4cm), a height of 15.8″ (40.1cm), and is 15.8″ (40.1cm) deeper with a high-quality speaker inside it. 

The shape and design which is easily carryable make it perfect for any place. No need to keep it near the T.v or the sound system. You can operate anywhere because it’s WIRELESS.

The sound quality of the Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar

The Samsung HW 800T has an excellent stereo frequency response. The sound profile is very neutral and suits most audio genres. Also, its base extends low, so you can do a good job reproducing the deep thump and rumbles in music and movies.

There’s also a graphic EQ  available to help customize the sound to your liking. It can also be used in crowded settings and large rooms, on a normal listening volume it could create a bit of distortion which may be not so noticeable. Have Bluetooth and wifi connection available so that it may be easy to handle with phone and LED as well.

The Center speaker produces a 20 watt sound output. Excellent center channel performance clearly and accurately reproduces the dialogue found in Tv shows and movies. It also sounds quite bass-heavy.

Adjustable sound depends upon your mood and surroundings. Can be helpful in functions and night parties at home. Whereas nothing can beat the high sound quality of cinema at home with it.

The biggest of it which I love is the ALEXA built-in. Wherever you are sitting you can play your own favorite list of music any time you want. With the adventure of powerful and optimized sound, it’s a panoramic audio experience that makes you feel like you are a part of the scene. Easily detectable sensors make Samsung HW 800T soundbars highly recommended and well-reputed soundbars.


The bar has a display behind a metal grille which is a small screen for the volume level and input you are using. It’s only a four-character display so you may read some messages to scroll across the screen. Also, there is a red light that turns on when the bar is muted.

The display is not always showing rather it’s only when you operate or change any function with the help of a remote. It goes off once the function is done.

Remote control of Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar

Remote control of the Samsung soundbar is similar to the HW Q70T in its design and function.

Sensors are particularly strong. Sleek and slim, easy to handle, and have more than 10 functions to perform. Eye-catchy color and light mass.

Samsung HW 800T Can be handle with your phone.

Smart apps on your Samsung phone can help you to control many functions including changing audio, playing music, and adjusting sound levels.

In case you lose your remote, it got broken or you forget where you kept it a few moments ago, don’t worry you can operate it with your phone.

Samsung Soundbar HW 800T vs Q70T

Both Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar and Q70T soundbar have a mostly similar design,  functions, and performance.Q800T is wireless on the other while Q70T soundbars operate on wire connectivity.

On the other hand, the Samsung soundbar 900T is versatile having more dominant features and power with less distortion.

Overall Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar Review

When it involves Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks, you may be immersed in an effective wall-of-sound that attracts you into the movement on-screen. So something you revel in watching, this compelling machine will make it sound better.

Samsung’s emphasis is surely on sound quality, however, the business enterprise has additionally covered lots of beneficial functions along with integrated Amazon Alexa and Q Symphony for extra sonic integration with the Samsung’s high-give up 2020 TVs.

There’s the simplest one HDMI input, however, the inclusion of eARC expands the range of lossless sources, and it passes each model of HDR, which makes a pleasing change.

A vehicle mobile audio calibration function could be best and, as is the case with any soundbar missing surround channels, the revel in could be very front-heavy, however, Samsung gives a wi-fi rear speaker bundle for people who prefer extra sonic envelopment.

Overall, the HW-Q800T is an awesome all-spherical soundbar and subwoofer machine, generating an expansive immersive audio revel in this is certain to please.

The Q800T actually has sufficient amplification to fill even a fairly huge residing room, and it could move loud without distorting or sounding strained. The diverse sound modes every have their advantages, with Standard sounding the smoothest and operating pleasant with the track.

The capacity of the Adaptive Sound mode to carry out the constancy of discussion works properly with fashionable TV viewing, even as Surround can provide TV dramas and films a more experience of envelopment.

Streaming track from Spotify produces a balanced two-channel delivery, with the right stereo separation and imaging that results in particular localization of effects. There’s a pleasant musicality to the delivery, and taking note of the La La Land soundtrack renders breezy renditions of the jazz-encouraged numbers and a pleasingly particular bass kick to the percussion. The soundtrack to Man of Steel additionally demonstrates how properly the sub is incorporated because it offers the drums a percussive kick.

Tidal has lately delivered Dolby Atmos track to its library, and this allowed Samsung to show its all-spherical abilities with a few supersonic journeys. Thanks to the immersive mixes, When Doves Cry with the aid of using Prince has an epic experience of scale, while Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn keeps a breathy intimacy.

However, the actual deal with Riders at the Storm with the aid of using The Doors, which opens with disembodied voices withinside the studio, earlier than thunder rolls overhead and rain falls all around.

Bottom Line

After conducting our Samsung HW 800T Sound Bar review, we can say that this soundbar is a great product. It offers excellent features and performance and is very easy to set up and use. The only drawback we found was its slightly high price tag. Overall, the Samsung HW 800T is a great choice for anyone looking for quality.

This post was originally published on 21, April 2021, but according to new information stuff, this post is updated frequently.

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