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LG B1 OLED TV Review: Two Minute Review

HA Bytes Says…


  • 4K Resolution
  • Fast Response
  • Large Viewing Angles
  • Excellent OLED panel


  • Not very bright

The perfect combination of picture quality, performance, and design. This beautiful 55” TV features LG’s cutting-edge OLED technology for incredible image quality, 120Hz refresh rate for smooth and responsive gaming, and AI-powered 4K upscaling for even better picture quality. Plus, with Alexa built-in, you can control your TV with just your voice.

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LG B1 OLED TV Review

Now, LG launches LG B1 in 55″, 65″ and 77″ inches. LG B1 OLED TV has pretty many similarities to the more widely available LG C1 OLED. So, it’s a very strange fit in LG’s lineup.

LG B1 OLED TV Review: Nice Design

The B1 has a very adorable design, which is very similar to the last year’s B10. The Center Stand supports TV to stand firmly and because of that, there is a con.

LG B1 OLED TV Review: Soundbar Con

It has a very good quality built stand, but it sits quite low, which comes to the downside if you put a soundbar in front.

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LG B1 OLED TV Review: Ports

On left-hand inputs are located, and there are four HDMI ports, only two rear-facing ones support the newest (HDMI 2.1) standard for high bandwidth. LG B1 has e-ARC, so you can connect it to a receiver or soundbar to play audio from TV to external speakers.

LG B1 OLED TV Review


In every TV, high contrast is important for deep and detailed dark scenes while watching in a dark room. This TV doesn’t have a backlight, instead, each subpixel can be controlled precisely and as a result, it produces perfect deep blacks.

If you watch TV in a bright room, then high peak brightness is important to overcome glare.

Viewing Angles

If you love to watch movies with friends or family means a wide seating arrangement, then a good viewing angle helps to ensure no one is left with washed-out colors. The LG B1 has excellent viewing angles, the image remains accurate when viewed from the side.

Sports OR Video Games

If you want to watch sports or play videos games, then you’ll encounter large uniform colors and B1 has excellent uniformity. Overall, screen brightness and color are important to avoid the appearance of clouding known as the dirty screen effect.

LG B1 OLED TV Review

Response Time

When playing video games, fast response times are important for the clearest image without blur. The B1 has an instantaneous response time which is superb.

Input Lag

The B1 has low input lag which feels responsive when playing video games, unlike new TVs, this OLED performs excellently. The B1 also supports variable refresh rate OR VRR for a smooth gaming experience.

Final Talk!

Typically, most people question it, Should I Buy This TV? So the answer is YES, but only if it is available at a discount. If you want my opinion, what is the best available in the LG lineup is “LG C1 OLED” because of its smaller price, brighter image than B1, and also better processor.

The best Premium Price OLED is “Sony A80J” it has better processing features but not yet VRR. The LG B1 OLED TV is also the best option if you’re on a budget, it provides almost all the features that you need on a budget.

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