Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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CES 2022: LG disclose self-driving car cabin concept turning into living spaces

On Monday, for the first time, LG Electronics going to demonstrate a new in-vehicle concept which is shown in CES 2022 in the category of autonomous. This new concept will turn your car cabins into a space where passengers can easily watch TV or experience camping virtually and more.

Now your compact car will feel like a personal living space that gives new glimpsed on the road, it will function as your home, office, entertainment, and also for exercise.

This new car will be named as LG Omnipod, this concept introduces that your smartphone or voice command through the LG ThinQ app will control this new LG self-driving car.

“Adding cars to the LG ThinQ ecosystem, (LG Electronics) will continue to lay out new customer experiences and blur boundaries between spaces, so that user experiences at home can be seamlessly extended to cars,” LG Electronics Chief Executive Officer William Cho said in a statement.

This new LG car will show in International CES 2022 with a presentation comprised of three short clips exact it will be unveiled Tuesday at 8 AM according to Las Vegas time.

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