Friday, September 16, 2022

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L’Oréal unveils at-home device for hair color at (CES 2022)

No doubt L’Oréal is a good brand but time by time it taking a part in the tech industry. You may be hearing this first time that L’Oréal is appearing at CES for about a couple last years, presenting everything from UV and pH sensors to an AI-powered skincare gadget.

For this time in CES 2022, L’Oréal is showing off its first hair color gadget that can you use easily at home. If this new gadget works properly Colorsonic will give consistent updates to give you the best hair color result without going to the salon.

Colorsonic’s mixer mechanism uses a mess-free process to blend exact volumes of developer and formula from colorant cartridges to create the hair color.

As I said L’Oréal is participating in CES 2022 and it is becoming a mainstay in CES. For some last years, L’Oréal has been announcing very cool beauty gadgets one by one.

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