Saturday, September 17, 2022

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It’s 2022, but Microsoft still fails to deliver Android 11 update

First of all Happy New Year! It means that someone forgot some promise. Yeah, you’re right!

If we go past, Microsoft makes a statement “We remain committed to providing updates to Surface Duo, and we’re working to bring Android 11 to existing customers before the end of this year.” But unfortunately, Microsoft fails to deliver this crucial update in Duo.

Leaving Surface Duo V1 without bug fixes is quite unacceptable, Microsoft needs to understand that the Android 11 update will bring lots of fixes and enhancements that will bring the Duo 1 up to par with the Surface Duo 2 in regard to stability and features.

Windows Central contact with Microsoft but still Microsoft doesn’t respond but Fortunately, Windows Central has heard from sources that “the Android 11 update for Surface Duo is in fact done and should begin rolling out once the update has been certified by Google and AT&T.”

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