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How to make a batch file? What is a batch file? 2021

How to make a batch file? No Problem, it’s easy.

Let’s dive 🤿 straight into the Arena! So,

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What is a Batch file?

A batch file is also known as Batch Programming Language, which is used in Windows to automate a day-to-day task. This batch programming language is also used by hackers or crackers to make a malicious virus perform malicious activities on a particular system.

Well, in this guide we will not discuss how to hack a computer using a batch file because it’s not our today topic, we will discuss How to make a batch file, How to run a batch file, and some useful tips and tricks to use batch files.

What are the Requirements in Order to Create a Batch File?

Most people, when hearing it a kind of unique programming language, they think it requires some kind of high-end specs PC but actually it not. You may be surprised, we need nothing all we need is simple Text-Editor, for example, your own computer Notepad or Third Party Notepad++ and that’s it.

In Short: You Need

  1. Simple Computer or Laptop
  2. Text Editor
  3. And Obviously, Knowledge about Batch File

Important Commands of Batch File You Need to Know

Before creating a batch file, you must know some batch file commands that will help you to create the perfect and best batch file. Here, are some simple commands you need to create a batch file;

Echo: It is the starting command of your batch file. You can easily ON and OFF echo, this echo command will display it is executing.

CLS: It is used to clear the command screen.

Pause: Actually, echo and this pause command is very important for creating a batch file. Pause command used in last of a batch file to stop the execution.

Exit: To exit the Command Prompt.

Last, there’s a bunch of commands, but these are the commands you need to create a simple batch file.

How to make a batch file in Window 10

To create a simple & basic batch file on Windows 10, follow these steps:

Note: When you save your batch file instead of saving with a .txt file extension. Save your batch file with the .bat extension.

Open, your Text Editor first. There are so many Text Editors you can use, Windows Notepad and Notepad++.

Your code must be an in-between echo and in pause command.

Type the following codes in Text Editor to create a batch file.

ECHO Congratulations! Your first batch file was executed successfully.
How to make a batch file?
Source: Windows Central

When you type these codes in a text editor, “Save As” with the .bat file extension. After saving, open your batch file now you will see the command interface.

How to make a batch file?
Source: Windows Central

Congratulation, your batch file is now created. See, creating a batch file is a PIECE OF CAKE!

You can also make advanced batch files to perform day-to-day tasks easily.

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