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How to Get Dark Mode on LG Devices (2022)

The dark mode is a setting that can be applied to computer displays and mobile devices that changes the color scheme to primarily dark colors. Dark mode has become increasingly popular as device users seek to reduce eye strain and minimize blue light exposure. Many apps and operating systems now offer a dark mode option, and more users regularly utilize this setting.

What are the key benefits of dark mode for devices?

There are a few different ways that dark mode can be implemented. One standard method is to invert the display’s colors so that white backgrounds become black and vice versa. Another approach is to use darker colors for all interface elements. Some dark modes also allow users to adjust the level of brightness or contrast, which can further reduce eye strain.

Dark mode has a few key benefits for users. First, it can help reduce eye strain, as darker colors are less likely to cause the eyes to work harder. Second, the dark mode can also minimize blue light exposure, which has been linked to several adverse health effects, including sleep disruption. Finally, the dark method can be more straightforward on the eyes for some people, making it more comfortable to use devices for extended periods.

If you’re interested in trying dark mode, many apps and operating systems now offer this setting. Look for the environment in the display options or system preferences to enable dark mode on your device. Once enabled, the dark method will typically be applied to all apps and interface elements. Some apps may also offer additional customization options for dark mode, so be sure to explore all the possibilities to find what works best for you.

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How to Get Dark Mode on LG Devices (2022)

Below are some LG devices listed for solving the problem of turning on dark mode.

How to get dark mode on LG stylo 5?

LG Stylo 5 comes with a night mode feature which can be very useful in protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light from the phone’s screen. To activate night mode on your LG Stylo 5, go to the phone’s settings menu and select the “View” tab. Then, select the “Night mode” option and choose whether you want it to be activated or deactivated.

You can also set a schedule for when you want the night mode to be activated. For example, you might want to put it start several hours before bed so that your eyes have time to adjust. If you want to customize your night mode settings further, you can go into the “Advanced” settings menu, and you will be able to fine-tune exactly how the night mode works on your LG Stylo 5.

What should I do if my LG phone has switched to black mode?

Assuming you would like detailed instructions on how to disable black mode on your LG phone: 

First, you need to enable developer mode. To do this, go to System and click Advanced. Then, click Developer Options and set Night Mode to “Always Off.” 

Now you can enable or disable Dark Mode within each app and the Display options. For example, to disable Dark Mode in the Calculator app, go to Settings > Advanced > Appearance > Color Scheme and select “Light.” Alternatively, you can select “System default” to have the app follow the system-wide setting for Dark Mode. 

You can also adjust the overall theme of your phone by going to Settings > Display > Theme. Here, you can choose between a light or dark theme for your home screen, apps, and notifications. Keep in mind that not all apps support dark themes yet, so you may see a mix of light and dark depending on which apps you have installed. With these steps, you can get your LG phone off black mode successfully.

How can I turn off dark mode on my LG K20 Plus?

To turn off dark mode on your LG K20 Plus, go to the settings menu and select the “Accessibility” option. Then, under the “Vision” section, select the “Screen Color Inversion” option and switch it off. This will disable the dark mode setting and return your screen to its standard color scheme. If you have further questions about your device, please consult your LG K20 Plus user manual.

How to activate dark mode in LG Aristo 2?

In LG Aristo 2, you can activate the so-called Night Mode. This function is designed to make the background of your screen dark. Thanks to this, you will save the battery power of your smartphone.

Of course, in addition, a black background looks very stylish. Follow these steps to turn on Night Mode: go to Settings, select Display, and click on the Night Mode option. Then press the switch next to the Use Night Mode option. That’s it – now the background of your screen should be black. Keep in mind that this function is only available on some models of LG Aristo 2.


There are several ways to get dark mode on your LG phone. You can enable it in the settings menu or install an app that will provide you with a dark theme. Some apps also offer additional customization options for dark mode, so explore all the possibilities to find what works best for you. With these steps, you should be able to get your LG phone into dark mode successfully.

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