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How to Change Your Twitter Username 2022

Sometimes changing your Twitter username might be overwhelmed for some newbie Twitter users. You can change your Twitter username by opening your Twitter setting menu.

Now there is no need to use your real name to be your username because there are billions of people using Twitter with your same name and in most conditions, your name is already taken by another. Twitter username also refer as Twitter Handle.

Twitter username starts with @ symbol and then your name appears after this symbol. Don’t think it is difficult it is piece of cake for you with the help of your beloved HA Bytes How-To Guide.

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How to Change Your Twitter Username on Desktop

Open your setting menu and then punch the “Setting and Privacy”.

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After that, you will see an option on the right side called “Account Information” press it and then Twitter will ask your password again for security purposes. Type of your password and hit enter.

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Now you will see lots of options but ignore them all and find the option called “Username” and open it.

Image Credit: HA Bytes
Image Credit: HA Bytes

Last but not least, enter your desired username and see if it is available then hit “SAVE”. See easy.! Don’t overcomplicate the process.

How to Change Your Twitter Username on Mobile

Swipe right to see the menu but not done yet. Now tap the “Setting and Privacy” option.

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Here Tap “Account” and then tap “Username”.

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Last but not least, enter your new username and then tap “Done” to save your username.

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This post was originally published on 29, August 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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