Friday, September 16, 2022

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Google scans Gmail and Drive for fighting child sexual abuse online

Google invests heavily in fighting child sexual abuse and exploitation online and uses technology to deter, detect, remove and report offenses. Click to Know more about

Google partners with NGOs and industry on programs to share their technical expertise, and develop and share tools to help organizations fight CSAM.

According to an article published on Forbes,

Over the last two decades, tech giants have had to deal with a lot of videos and images of child sexual abuse. Apple recently found out that it’s a hard problem to solve because scanning people’s devices and online accounts for illegal content can lead to problems about privacy.

But it is not just photos of underage children that Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are trying to find and erase from their servers. They are also looking for cartoons depicting graphic acts involving children, as revealed by a recent search warrant asking Google to provide information on a suspect who allegedly owned such animations.

The warrant also sheds light on how the government went about obtaining the information it needed to meet its ends. Google’s CSAM systems, according to a fact not previously announced in public, can detect material of this sort and may make it unlawful for you to possess under US law.

Google uses two technologies, the First tool is designed to find illegal content and it matches the files. If there is a file in an email and it has the same code, then Google will take it away. The second tool uses machine learning to look for abused children in images or videos.

Read the full article at Forbes.

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