Saturday, September 17, 2022

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Samsung shows upcoming Exynos Processor will now feature AMD’s RDNA 2 chip architecture

We all know Samsung is the best manufacturer of processors though its not good in quality graphics. Samsung teases that its next mobile processor will use AMD’s RDNA 2 chip which makes a mobile next-level performance.

The South Korean electronics giant disclosed its collaboration with AMD in a Thursday tweet.

In this tweet, Samsung detailed that its new AMD-powered mobile processor is set to show on January 11.

For some time now, Samsung is manufacturing Android Smartphones with Exynos chips but performance-wise it’s not very good but according to The Verge the GPU Exynos 2200 will be based on AMD’s RDNA 2 chip architecture.

According to AMD, RDNA 2 provides 54% higher performance per watt than the original iteration of its RDNA architecture. One of the main contributors to the architecture’s increased efficiency is that AMD has reduced by 30% the power consumption of its compute units, the circuits that carry out calculations in a GPU. 

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