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Best iPhone cases for drop protection (2021)

Buying an iPhone is a cool thing. You love to try new iPhone generations. Think, if it drops accidentally. What will happen? Your iPhone may encounter some destruction.

Your mobile may drop in water or in the washroom. It can be problematic for you. All these factors & many other reasons inspire us to write about the Best iPhone cases for drop protection.

The iPhone cover is a worthy investment for your iPhone.

These are the best-known iPhone covers for your iPhone. You can buy any on your favorite phone cover.

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10 Overall Best iPhone cases for drop protection

Following are the best covers for your iPhone;

1. Silicon case with MagSafe

Best cases for Your iPhone

The Silicon case with MagSafe is an effective cover for your iPhone. It does not disturb the use of the iPhone. It not only protects your iPhone but also fits as the second skin of the iPhone.

When we test it in the lab, we find its fiber smooth but strong. It is easy to snap on & off with the use of built-in magnets.

You can snap the MagSafe on its back due to its card-carrying function. There is no need to remove the cover if you want to wirelessly charge. You can do it with a MagSafe charger.

About 81% of Amazon reviewers give 5 stars on the basis of its quality & slim shape.


  • Available in eight colors
  • Have magnetic support
  • No need to remove for charging


  • It is not compatible other than iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro.

2. Kung Fu Grip Slim Case

Best Covers for Your iPhone

It is the best cover for your iPhone. You can just buy it at a cheap rate of $15. It is made up of flexible plastic. In the lab, our experts appreciate the textured & grasping nature of the Kung Fu Grip Slim Case.

Its texture also gives support to your iPhone. It has drop protection. We call it the airbags of the iPhone. Moreover, it is a good shock absorber.

No matter, which size you need. It gives you a size choice. You can buy it ranging from 7 to 12.


  • Drop protection has airbags for your iPhone.
  • Has the ability to charge through wireless.
  • Available for the iPhone, ranging from 7 to 12.


  • The texture is rough.

3. Twinkle Ombre Case

Best iPhone cover

Twinkle Ombre iPhone case comes in 16 different glittery & shimmering colors. They have great looks. In addition, it also has the ultra-slim feature. Its antimicrobial protection stops bacterial growth on your iPhone.

This iPhone cover is compatible with wireless charging. The good news is that it is available for almost all generations of iPhone devices.


  • Ensure drop protection.
  • Available for all the generations of iPhone.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.


  • Reviewers added that it does not fit slightly.

4. Rugged Case

iPhone best cover

The best thing is that it is made of old American leather. The company didn’t use any drop of synthetic chemicals. They even didn’t use dye’s insight.

The design of this cover is ultra-slim leather. You find it scuffs & scratches add character. It is available in black or brown Horween leather.

It is highly durable and has a polycarbonate body. This iPhone case is wrapped around the thermoplastic bumper. In addition, it has a wallet component. The company has a special offer of a tri-folio version for customers with credit cards.


  • It claims to protect from water over 6-feet.
  • It is also compatible with wireless charging.
  • The company has covers for iPhone XS, XR,11, 11 Pro & 11Pro Max.


  • Leather is not so admirable.
  • Genuinely, it is not water-resistant.

5. Defender Series Screenless

iPhone case

It is known for its attractive phone cases. The defender series screenless has double layers that protect from all outer effects. It also protects against rough scraps & bumps.

After lab testing, we were impressed by this cover a lot. We abused it many times, but it remains strong enough. It does not show any single stretch.

The other loveable thing is the combination of kickstands. It makes it easy to prop the iPhone on the tabletops. So, that you watch videos & shows with full entertainment.

It also contains a handy port cover that avoids debris clogs. The amazing thing is that the defender series is available in six colors. Same as the above, it is also compatible with QI wireless charger.


  • The Defender series is famous for its belt-clip holster.
  • The OtterBox offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Available for all iPhones.


  • It is bulky.
  • It is not a built-in screen protector.

6. Presidio Wallet

best iPhone cases

The Presidio wallet gives a wallet-case combo for users’ convenience. It is also a solid choice. When we test it in the lab, it faces all the challenges. We observe that it has multiple layers for protection. It stands with our drop test over 13 feet in our lab.

Another amazing thing is that it has button protection. You can increase or decrease the volume of your iPhone. It is thicker than any other cover, with the thinnest wallet cover.


  • Face the 13-foot drop challenge.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • Protects from the bacterial effect.


  • Reviewers were not satisfied with the grip.

7. Liquid Crystal

Best Covers for Your iPhone

Most of us prefer a transparent cover over stylish covers. So the liquid crystal is for you. It is an affordable cover that is slim & lightweight. It easily fits into your pocket.

If you have Apple MagSafe accessories, you can use the liquid crystal for it. Moreover, it is compatible with wireless charging. Its flexible nature makes you hassle-free.

Hence, it is all in one. The one exceptional case is that it does not protect your iPhone more than other cases. Rather, it only protects from everyday scratches & dents.


  • It is flexible & lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Available for all the iPhone generations.


  • It is non-grippy.
  • Contains only one protective layer.

8. Survivor Extreme

Best Cover for Your iPhone

The Younger generation needs cool covers for their iPhones. They demand cool covers plus protection. Survivor claims that it can face a drop test over 15 feet.

In our lab test, we found that it has a polycarbonate back shell. This feature makes it super strong. It also has a scratch-resistant ability. The loveable feature is that it covers your iPhone from dirt-free.


  • Passes the drop test of 15-feet.
  • It is compatible with wireless charging.
  • Available for new iPhone generations.


  • Some reviewers pass remarks that it is bulky.
  • It is not compatible with the early iPhones.

9. Juice Pack Air

Juice Pack Air

Here is another fabulous cover for your iPhone. It offers a built-in battery that is enough for your charger for up to an extra day. On the basis of protection, it also proves the drop challenge. Its raised corners prevent scratching & cracked screens.

This cover is specially designed for the XR & XS generations. While the Mophie Juice Pack is for the rest of the generations.


  • Has a magnetic back with a supportive nature.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • An exceptional feature is that it contains a rechargeable battery.


  • Costly
  • Bulky 

10. Free Series

Best Cases for Your iPhone

It is also a great choice. Its ultra protection will protect your phone from water, snow & dirt. In our drop test, it bears about 7 feet drop. Another amazing thing is that it has a fingerprint sensor. You can lock or unlock your iPhone.


  • The cover contains an anti-reflective lens.
  • Waterproof up to 6.5 feet.


  • Costly
  • Not a good screen protector.


When we talk about the best iPhone cases for your iPhone Protection, we have a lot of choices. About 1K plus companies are working in this category. We filtered only 10 of the best covers out of all these. We suggest you buy the cover on the basis of the following features.

  1. Durability
  2. Protection
  3. Weight
  4. Usability
  5. Cost 

All of these factors play an integral part in the lifetime of your iPhone. If you are a cool person, try Rugged Series Screenless. If you are a fan of transparent covers, then the liquid crystal is for you.

You love to watch movies or videos on your iPhone, try Presidio Wallet. You can keep it anywhere due to its supportive nature.

Most of us are irresponsible in the case of mobile phones, so buy the Defender Series. They protect your iPhone from scratching & abrasion. It faces all challenges like drop challenge or water drop challenge.

Our new generative love to style. So for youngsters, we suggest you buy Twinkle Ombre Case.

We explained all about the best covers for your iPhone. Now it’s up to you. Read this article carefully. Then analyze which covers suit you the best.

Just tell us about your favorite cover for your iPhone.

Use iPhone with safety!

This post was originally published on 25, September 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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