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10 Best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks

If you just upgraded to iPhone 13 and searching for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks “Good!”.

We know that Apple’s new stuff comes with improved cameras, battery life, performance, and more. The new Apple 13 series got amazing popularity.

iPhone 13 is something like iPhone 12 but with the new upgraded performance and features, there’s a lot you can explore.

Here, I list down the most amazing iPhone 13 and 13 pro features you have to checkout.

Without blah, blah, let’s dive further!

Top 10 iPhone 13 and 13 pro tips and tricks

There’s a lot of features in iPhone 13 and 13 Pro but I find the below-listed a little bit more innovative.

1. Stop apps from tracking you 

One of the best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks

There are thousands of third-party apps, tracking your personal information. They track much of your personal information but you have no idea about it.

So that’s why this feature is my favorite and on the top spot, because every person’s privacy is very very important than anything else. In iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, you can simply stop apps from tracking you. To block any app from tracking you:

  • Just go to setting
  • Privacy and then Tap on Tracking

At the top right there’s a toggle that says “Allow apps to request to track”. So if you want to off this permission, simply toggle this off.

2. Focus Mode

Another outstanding feature of the iPhone is Focus Mode. Focus Mode allows iPhone users to set filters to notifications, calls, and messages. For example, if you want particular people who can contact or message you, so this feature will help you out.

Just open the setting then tap on Focus to allow specific apps and people to contact you at specific times or locations. you will also find a feature called auto-reply which can automatically send messages when you don’t want to use your iPhone.

3. FaceTime HD Calls

This feature will allow iPhone 13 users to perform Facetime video calls in 1080p HD (waooo). It’s only possible due to the fastest 5G internet, so a big thanks to 5G. If you want to use this feature simply follow the below steps:

  • Open setting
  • Tap on Cellular, then Data mode
  • And finally select Allow More Data on 5G to FaceTime

That’s it, now you can enjoy HD video calls on FaceTime App.

4. Track your iPhone even if it’s turned OFF

Also one of the Best iPhone 13 tips and tricks

If you lost your iPhone and it is power off you can still track it by Find My network. Thanks to the new IOS 15. If your iPhone was low on battery and snatch by a thief or you forget where you last time placed. So this feature will help you out.

5. Hide IP Address from All Websites

This feature will hide your IP address from all the websites your browse and the third-party trackers. To get this feature to start working, just go to Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > then Hide IP Address, and finally select trackers and Websites from the menu.

6. Understand 5G Icons

We know the latest iPhones blessed with 5G. iPhone 13 series have improved connectivity than iPhone 12. So you will see different icons like in the below image. What these icons mean, simple 5G means normal 5G availability, and all the others like 5G+ / 5G UW / 5G UC indicate faster 5G availability.

 iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks
Credit: Google Search

7. Get a MagSafe Charger

We know the latest iPhone series support wireless charging with a MagSafe charger. MagSafe Charger is designed to quickly and safely charge your iPhone wirelessly. You will not receive MagSafe with iPhone, you have to buy it. You can easily buy it from the Official Apple store.

8. Shoot Macro Photos

Another best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks

If you are searching best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks, then one of the greatest features is you can shoot Macro Photos like the below image. Now you can do photography of extremely close objects.

 iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks
Credit: Apple

9. Schedule Summary

By using this feature you can Schedule your notifications. Mean It organize notification according to their sensitiveness. It shows notifications at a certain time in the morning and evening. This is done by on-device machine learning, the priority is based on your interest in apps.

If the device thinks, a particular notification is vital, it displayed this at the top of the summary. You can add up to 12 summaries per day. To use this feature follow the below steps.

  • Just head over to Settings
  • Tap on Notifications
  • Then click on Scheduled Summary and Toggle it on.

10. Limit the screen frame rate

This last feature is also amazing in the list of best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks. In iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, the default frame rate is 120Hz. If you want to limit the refresh rates simply follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Accessibility, then Motion
  • Now toggle on the “Limit Frame Rate” option.

So 10 Best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Tips and tricks list now ends up. Please Never forget to tell us which feature you like the most.

This post was originally published on 12, October 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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