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Instagram App for iPad: Exec says iPad doesn’t have enough user base

  • iPad users is still struglling and want to use Instagram App. But i we’re not getting an iPad app anytime soon.
  • Last Night, Marquess Brownlee Tweeted “The year is 2022 and there’s still no proper Instagram app for iPad”.
  • In response, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri point is “there aren’t enough iPad users to justify making a dedicated app”.

Since day one, Instagram is lacking an app for iPad users and seems even less likely to happen. The vice head of Instagram is still making excuses and defending their decision (iPad doesn’t have enough users that Instagram make a dedicated app for iPad.) from 2019 to 2022.

This topic was again started by Marquess Brownlee’s tweet thread ” The year is 2022 and there’s still no proper Instagram app for iPad”.

In response, Instagram head Mosseri replied “Yup, we get this one a lot. It’s still just not a big enough group of people to be a priority. Hoping to get to it at some point, but right now we’re very heads down on other things.”.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram on iPad, you can easily access Instagram through the website but my point here is the website doesn’t able to give you feel what can App does.

Mosseri further added that Insta currently supports Android, iOS, and web, as well as a Lite version for the social media platform. He noted that Android is the largest of them all.

My point is Massori said iPad users are not enough to build a dedicated app while he says Instagram gets this request a lot, in this way Massori is contradicting his own point.

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