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Facebook limits false campaigns over Ukraine by blocking some Russian media accounts

  • Facebook blocked some accounts in Ukraine, which spreading false compaigns.
  • These blocked accounts are controlled by some Russian State media outlets.
  • Facebook also added some features like to lock profile, removing the ability to view and search friends lists, and additional tools on Messenger.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Fedorov appeals Apple on February 26 to cut out some services in Russia to protect Ukraine. Though, there is no official reply from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Meta (Formerly known as Facebook) cuts off numerous accounts in Ukraine that are doing false campaigns against Ukraine and plus these, all accounts are associated with Russian State media outlets.

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The Vice President of Global Affairs at Meta “Nick Clegg” said in a thread of Twitter;

“We have been in contact with the Government of Ukraine, and at their request, we have also restricted access to several accounts in Ukraine, including those belonging to some Russian state media organizations,” and “We are also reviewing other Government requests to restrict Russian state-controlled media.”

Many Ukrainians suggest Facebook ban Instagram and Facebook in Russia, in reply Nick said doing so “would silence important expression at a crucial time.” Back then Russia partially blocked Facebook after Facebook refused to stop fact-checking Russian media.

Since Meta established a special operations center to respond to situations related to the invasion of Ukraine and details the measures it’s taking to address user safety, misinformation, and state-controlled media in a post on its blog.

All popular social media platforms are cutting off some services in Russia like YouTube is demonetizing accounts, Facebook blocking Russian accounts belonging to Russian state media.

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