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Best operating systems of 2021: For PC and Laptops

Have you ever experienced hacking? If yes, then you must need the best operating system for your next PC or laptop. Here we are going to resolve your problem. We will tell you the main reason for hacking.

In the nutshell, you will save from hacking after reading this article.

Hackers usually identify the sensitiveness of your operating system. Operating systems act as a door or a key to hack your computer, pc, or laptop.

They understand the operating system & hack your computer easily. So, you must have a strong & secure computer OS.

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We enlisted the five best-operating systems of 2021. Read them consciously & use the best operating system.

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What is an operating system?

The operating system is an interface that makes the connection between the use & computer hardware. You can say it is the “backbone” of your computer. It manages all processes of the computer including memory, hardware, & software too.

The most interesting is that it makes computers easy for you. You can use a computer without learning a computer language.

As we said, it is the backbone of your computer. So, keep in mind that your computer is nothing without an operating system.

What is the best Operating System in the market?

Nowadays, we cannot deny the importance of computers. It is not wrong to say that it is a marvellous invention. From the start to these days, remember computers are updating. You may know that it evolved in a box. And now we have in many forms like laptops, pc, & mobile phones.

You are thinking why are we talking about this. Because it makes your understanding about operating systems. Computers are functioning due to operating systems. All of its forms are functional due to only OS.

It is a very long debate which OS is the best. We can say it is difficult to rank OS on the basis of functioning. However, we enlisted the five best-operating systems of 2021.

The best-operating systems of 2021 List

Following are the best operating systems of 2021:

1. Ubuntu

It is the best Linux-based OS. basically, it was designed for computers, smartphones, & network servers. A UK company named Canonical Limited developed the system. Ubuntu was based on the Open source software development rule.

Salient features

Following are the salient features of Ubuntu operating system:

  1. It has its own suite named LibreOffice.
  2. Its desktop version is supportable for all the standard softwares on other windows. These include Firefox, Chrome, VLC, & many more.
  3. Ubuntu has its own software “Thunderbird”. It makes it feasible for users to access all email apps like Exchanges, Gmail, Hotmail, & many others.
  4. If you are a video editor, then this OS is suitable for you. It has many applications that help you to manage your videos. Moreover, you can share these videos as well.
  5. In the selfie era, it gives you photo editing applications too.
  6. You don’t need to learn more about its use. It makes it easy for users to find content.
  7. An amazing feature is that it is totally free. It also provides you with a backup due to a vast open source community.

In the nutshell, it is a complete package for computer users.

2. MS windows

You are well aware of Microsoft. Yes, you are right MS windows operating system is developed by Microsoft. About all the new laptops & computers are working on the MS Windows operating system. That’s why it is more famous these days.

Windows are specialized for any form of work. Most users stuck in question about which is the best operating system to choose for gaming, so here is it your choice must be MS windows. You can listen to music, edit photos, make videos, or any other. You can learn about this system. You manage your official data by using it. We can say, it is common & the best operating system.

Salient features

Following are the salient features of MS windows:

  1. Its task feature provides multiple workspaces at a time. You can open multiple windows on a single screen.
  2. Microsoft designed it simply for the user’s ease.
  3. It provides a choice for users. Users have two choices. They can use it both in Computer mode & also in Tablet mode.
  4. There is multiple-factor authentication technology. It helps to secure in the best way like BIN, PIN, & Fingerprint recognition.
  5. The best feature is that it has a compressed system that reduces storage problems.

3. Fedora

It is also a Linux based OS. It contributes with Ubuntu’s open-source features to run for the money.

It is a user-friendly operating system. Fedora is reliable making its powerful operating system for all types of desktop computers & laptops.

No matter what is your profession, you will love it.

Salient features

Following are the salient features of Fedora operating system:

  1. It gives users a complete toolbox. They can use or change languages, tools, & other commands in just one click or touch.
  2. Users find a sleek interface that allows them to focus on coding.
  3. In this operating system, you will get powerful virtualization tools. These tools help to get virtual machines running.
  4. The best feature of fedora is that it has communities. These communities work to resolve the use

4. Mac OS

An American computer company named Apple Inc developed the Mac Operating system. It was introduced in 1984 for a company. The company was the Macintosh line of personal use.

You may not know about it. Mac OS inspires MS windows to develop its GUI. At that time, MS windows developed windows OS.

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The Mac Inc. is totally free. Developers update it as per the user’s requirements. MacBook is the best operating system for programming its the choice of many professional programmers, gamers and video editors.

Salient features

Following are the salient features of Mac operating system:

  1. It has the best desktop that sorts your files automatically. Its desktop arranges your files on the basis of kind, date, or any other tag.
  2. iTunes is another marvellous feature that enables users to find their favourite songs.
  3. Another best thing is its camera. The camera helps users to scan their documents from their iPhone. Then, it becomes visible on your MAc in the form of photographs.
  4. There is an additional feature. You can change your desktop in dark mode.
  5. My favourite feature of Mac is that it does not disturb your privacy. You remain online as an anonymous user. In this way, it cannot record your activities.
  6. It has its own Mac app store. You can download whatever you need.

5. Solaris

Solaris is a different operating system. It is Unix based. Sun Microsystems developed it. Then, it transferred to Oracle. That’s why it is known as Oracle Solaris.

It is popular due to its innovative features like DTrace, ZFS, & Time Slider.

Salient features

Following are some prominent features of Solaris operating system:

  1. Solaris protects the user’s data by encryption.
  2. It gives performance benefits for web, database, & java-based services.
  3. You do not have to worry about confidential data. It protects all by limited access features.
  4. You find it affordable.

Bye Bye!

When we talk about operating systems, we think it is only the name of a system. If you go deeper, you have come to know that it is something broad. Yes, it is broad. Remember, what I have said in the first section. I said the operating system is the “backbone” of your computer, laptop, or some smartphones.

Your computer works only if your operating system is working.

We researched & found the five best-operating systems of 2021. These are Ubuntu, MS Window, Fedora, Mac OS, & Solaris. All are best at their own pace. If one OS is affordable, then the other has additional features.

We explained everything. Now it’s up to you. What is your favourite? Just tell us in the comment section.

This post was originally published on 13, April 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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