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How to Connect AirPods to PS4? (The Easiest Way of 2022)

Using AirPods with Ps4 is possible but pretty technical to do. So this guide will help you how to connect AirPods to Ps4.

Most of us love gaming. Do you know about wireless headphones? If you are a gaming lover, then you surely know about wireless headphones.

Apple’s Airpods is one of the best wireless headphones. These are impressive devices. Air pods are a fantastic accessory for your devices like MacBook, iPhone, and iPad But you will be surprised to know that there are some missing features in AirPods.

You cannot directly connect it with PS4 or any third party. Now you are thinking about how to connect AirPods to ps4. We find all the possible ways to connect AirPods to ps4. It may be a dongle or air-fly.

Let’s find which way is more effective for connecting Airpods to Ps4!

Can we connect Airpods to Ps4?

It is really very exciting to know about AirPods. But it is not as simple as casual headphones. You have to follow a few rules while connecting it. You connect it by using some necessary accessories.

So the short answer is Yes. Let’s find an explanatory answer.

Instructions while connecting Airpods to Ps4?

You should follow the following instructions while connecting Airpods to Ps4:

  • Before connecting, carefully read the manual book of both AirPods to ps4.
  • Wait at least a few seconds. If it does not show any result, check the connection again.
  • Observe the flashlight. It will keep you aware of connection or disconnection.
  • Popup message means setup is done.

If you follow these instructions, you will be successful in connecting AirPods to Ps4.

Importance of third party dongles in this case

Apple Airpods cannot connect simply by just Bluetooth. Because they do not support Bluetooth audio.

In this case, we have third party dongles. We find the two best dongles for you. The first one is the best and a little bit expensive. If you are looking for something at a low price, the second dongle is for you.

1. Avantree leaf long-range USB Bluetooth audio transmitter adapter ($30)

2. DEWIN Bluetooth dongle adapter ($14)

We gave the price in front of both dongles. These prices are according to the Amazon.

How can we connect the AirPods to PS4?

Following are the essential steps for connecting airpods to ps4:

  1. Grab your ps4 and let it on.
  2. Plugin your Bluetooth adapter exactly into the USB port.
  3. Now keep on pairing the model of the adapter.
  4. Check the manual settings of the adapter.
  5. Then, on the pairing mode of ps4. Pairing mode is present on the backside of the AirPods charging case.
  6. Wait for a while. Airpods connect with ps4. It will show some flash of light.
  7. You will get a popup message.

It shows that the connecting setup is completed. Now you can play games while connecting AirPods to ps4.

Here’s the video on How to connect Apple Airpods to Ps4 in Seconds?

Video Source

Continue reading for more information.

How do we pair AirPods to the receiver?

In this section, we will discuss manual settings for successful connection.

  • After pairing, go to the settings of your AirPods.
  • Then audio devices.
  • Next to the input devices.
  • Now make sure your settings from the headset to the controller.
  • Meanwhile, set your output device settings to USB headphones.
  • Choose output to headphones and go for all audio.

All set, you are free to use.

Is it possible to chat with other gamers on PS4?

Airpods are awesome for gaming. But it has some limitations.

You cannot chat by airpods. Unfortunately, they do not support chat mode. They just send game voice to you.


Gaming is in our lifestyle. Airpods are the best devices that allow you to enjoy games. We find the best & possible ways to connect AirPods to ps4.

At the start, we discuss the process of connecting them. The other thing is to follow instructions carefully while connecting both. Check the manual settings while processing. We explain the settings in detail so that you can understand them. Airpods are awesome devices but are limited for one purpose. They do not help you to chat with any person.

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