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How to change your Instagram password or reset it

Instagram is the most popular social media app other than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Since 2012 Instagram is acquired by Facebook which means you can cross-use between Facebook and Instagram. With the increase in popularity of Instagram the risk of been hacked is also rising.

Instagram is popular and it’s also a honey pot for hackers. Some enter a strong password and they forget and some people use password managers for long and random passwords. But most people don’t use password managers and have a weak password this password he enters into all sites.

Changing your Instagram password from time to time is the best idea for the protection of your account. Whether you change your Instagram password on App or Desktop both are quite easy.

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How to change your Instagram password using the mobile app

Make sure your Instagram app is updated after that start your app.

Now, you see your Homepage of Instagram. Tap the profile icon on the lower-right corner.

After that, Tap the three horizontal lines (≡) at the above of the right-corner and press the “Settings”.

You see many options for control of your account. You need to Tap on “Security”. After that tap “Password”.

Last, enter your “current password” and then enter your “new password twice” and tap at top of the right corner ( ). See it is piece of cake. Now your password is changed.

How to change your Instagram password using desktop web

Log into your account on Instagram. Click your avatar at the top of the screen and visit your profile.

Click “Edit Profile ⚙️ ” a pop up window is appear then tap on “Change Password”.

Last but not least, enter your old password and then enter your new password twice and click on “Change Password”.

Change password on Desktop web
Change password on Desktop Web

How to reset your Instagram password 

What happen when you forget your password? Don’t worry about it you can reset your password with few simple steps.

1. Whatever you’re using go to the sign-in page of app or website.

2. You will see the option “Forget password” on desktop web and “Get help signing in” on the mobile app tap it.

3. After that, it will ask you to enter your username, email address, or phone number. Instagram will send you to reset password instruction on your email or whatever you provided for reset of password.

This post was originally published on 01, July 2020, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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