Friday, September 16, 2022

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Google acquires this startup to boost cloud security for half-billion dollars

Google is buying a half-billion dollars startup ($500 million), which is Israel based security startup named “Siemplify” which is going to help google to improve or boost cloud security from hackers.

Seimplify is founded in 2015 by Amos Stern, Alon Cohen, and Garry Fatakhov, by keeping vision to provide leading security orchestration, machine learning automation and on other hand this vision is liked by Google Cloud when it comes to advancing the invisible security at every organization.

In this official blog post announcing the deal, Seimplify said;

“We’re excited to join Google Cloud and build on the success we’ve had in the market helping companies address growing security threats,” said Amos Stern, CEO at Siemplify. “Together with Chronicle’s rich security analytics and threat intelligence, we can truly help security professionals transform the security operations center to defend against today’s threats.”

This is not the end of the Google acquisition, all popular companies will focus more on security in 2022 because many companies like Facebook are facing many lawsuits against data leaking, this main reason motivates other tech giants that should more focus on security whether its cost over billions of dollars.

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