Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Amazon integrating Fire TV in more cars including Ford SUVs in 2022

All Amazon Fire TV watchers, facing a problem that how they can watch Fire TV in their own comfortable SUVs without having a Jeep. Because Fire TV is only integrated with Jeep if you want to watch then you have to own a jeep, seems a little bit strange.

But in 2022, you won’t need a Jeep, because Amazon just unveils that Fire TV is coming in more SUVs this year.

Some Cars name integrating Fire TV:

  • Ford Explorer
  • Lincoln Navigator SUVs
  • Stellantis Cars
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cars owners can able to customize some things in Fire TV like to do things integrated with the audio system or also control unique features of their vehicles. For example, the owner can use voice command and ask Alexa in Fire TV to show Ring doorbell by only saying “Alexa Show me the front door” and also some other commands.

In the U.S., Fire TV users will have access to more than 1 million TV episodes and movies, including those from Prime Video.

The thing I like most is you can save your content offline if you’re driving in some areas where the internet is slow, it helps you to access it anytime.

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