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Let’s Say Together GoodBye 2021! Hello 2022

If the 2020 year refers to the worst year in a decade, but on other hand 2021 is the year of hope when Covid-19 began to gain momentum.

From 2020 to 2021, many people realize that family is important than all other works. Because in several lockdowns in whole world many people losses their jobs and the only peoples who support is only your family.

Anyhow, let’s turn into our field. Most tech companies do their best to launch the best products but not only best they also some of the best WORST Products launched this year.

Best Things Happened in 2021:

  • NASA’s Perseverance rover makes oxygen on Mars
  • A human brain wirelessly connects to a computer
  • A purely digital artwork sells at auction for millions
  • An autonomous drone was deployed to attack humans, the U.N. says
  • A Dutch museum permanently features women artists
  • Mexico elects the country’s first transgender lawmakers
  • National Geographic cartographers recognize the world’s fifth ocean
  • The world’s first 3-D-printed school opens in Malawi
  • 21 Things That Happened for the First Time in 2021 by NYTimes

Tech Rewind 2021 by Marques Brownlee:

We know that you’re busy with the arrangement of a new year that’s why we’re not writing a bunch of words of Tech Rewind in 2021. Here is a video explanation made by Marques Brownlee.

Tech WORST Mistakes by Mrwhosetheboss:

Yeah, this type of thing happened in the tech industry some are very good but some are very WORST. Want to See Whole 2021 News Reporting on Tech (Visit News Section of HA Bytes).

Whole 2021 Year of HA Bytes:

When started this website, we have only one mission in our mind “to provide the best & unbiased reporting on technology” and in other words, in this 2021 year little bit we achieve our goal which we want to execute.

In this 2021 year, we do our best to give you the best latest tech news highlights, make it easy to buy tech products, easy to follow how-to guides, list the best of articles, and many more.

New Categories Added on HABytes in 2021;

  • Tech News
  • Explained
  • Web Stories
  • Tech Deals
  • Many More will add in 2022.

We know our team’s dedication towards work and our loving audience support are what we want.

Note: We want only your support consistently – Please support us and don’t forget to provide your feedback, If you find any mistake in our work.

It is the last day of 2021 let’s forget about it, yeah we know it’s very difficult to forget.


Pray for those who died May God bless those people’s souls into peace. Ameen!

Forget about 2021! Lets Welcome New Year (2022)

Let’s Welcome 2022 with a great attitude. May 2022 brings us a wonderful opportunity to create the world you want to live in and the life you want to lead. Any fears and doubts will take you back into the past so belief in yourself. You are infinite possibilities. Let’s put this into practice with another exercise.

Let’s forget about the 2021 Chapter and start the new Chapter. 2021 brings many bad things and many good things but our job is to have faith and be bold in every situation. Spend time with your family or loved ones.

This is our last Article of 2021. Inshallah, we meet you in 2022 with more best tech news, best buying guides, and many more that you even can’t imagine. Take Care!

> Let’s Say Together GoodBye 2020! Hello 2021

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