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Let’s Say Together GoodBye 2020! Hello 2021

This is the most difficult year in the whole decade some people say. But I think this year also provides you with one major important thing is that you understand how much your family is important to you. Because this year brings a little bit of happiness while also bringing you a Coronavirus which makes 2020 the worst year of a decade.

The one benefit I tell you above is you understand how family important is for you. Coronavirus prevention also says make a social distancing and the social distancing also includes the family member. In a sense, this year has united us more than ever.


Yeah, you can say this way for some people this year is very grateful like, Joe Biden is now the President of the USA and this year Trump turns into RIP, as NASA tells us that there is Water on the Moon. There are many little things that happen in 2020 but due to Coronovirus people don’t notice like;

  • SpaceX launches two astronauts into space for the first time
  • 103-year-old veteran survives COVID-19,
  • 102-year-old woman survives the virus twice
  • Police officer receives a life-saving transplant from the woman he put in jail 8 years ago
  • We learned to appreciate the selfless dedication of nurses, orderlies, doctors, and other health workers who risked their lives to save ours
  • Many found meaning and connection with young or adult children, older relatives, and other pod mates.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that no one can be fired for being gay or transgender.

Many more good things happen in 2020 but due to Coronavirus, we lost many lives as human beings we lost many brothers and sisters. Now rewind some of 2020’s bad things that happen;

  • Coronavirus Pandemic (This makes the whole Year Worst)
  • Bushfire In Australia
  • Ukrainian Flight Crash
  • PIA Plane Crash 
  • Floods in Indonesia

Let’s cut the list of the bad things because as I write I feel like I’m doing wrong because it’s the worst year and the whole credit goes to Coronavirus and I don’t want to talk much about bad things.

Whole Year of HA Bytes

As you know HA Bytes’ mission is to provide authentic content that helps our visitors to make the best and right buying decisions. There are so many sad things that happen this year for HA Bytes but we don’t lose our hope.

Yeah, we know our audience, and although our team is don’t satisfied with HA Bytes’ performance this year.

We face many financial issues that affect our website like we don’t buy hosting and our website down for almost 5 months. These five months are the worst year for HA Bytes but we don’t lose hope.

We know our team’s dedication towards work and our loving audience support are what we want.

Note: We want only your support consistently – Please support us and don’t forget to provide your feedback, If you find any mistake in our work.

It is the last day of 2020 let’s forget about it, yeah we know it’s very difficult to forget.


Pray for those who died because of Coronavirus May God bless those people’s souls into peace. Ameen!

Forget about 2020! Lets Welcome New Year (2021)

Let’s Welcome 2021 with a great attitude. May 2021 brings us a wonderful opportunity to create the world you want to live in and the life you want to lead. Any fears and doubts will take you back into the past so belief in yourself. You are infinite possibilities. Let’s put this into practice with another exercise.

Let’s forget about the 2020 Chapter and start the new Chapter. 2020 brings many bad things and many good things but our job is to have faith and be bold in every situation. Spend time with your family or loved ones.

This is our last Article of 2020. Inshallah, we meet you in 2021 with great information and knowledgeable stuff. Take Care…!

> Let’s Say Together GoodBye 2021! Hello 2022

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