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Best Google Apps: Free Google Services for Android and iPhones

Top Google Products to fulfill your fragging needs

Google is not less than a miracle. Half of the world is a fan of Google. We know Google does not need any introduction. It has its own digital world.

A few decades ago, it was just a search engine. But now it fulfils all needs of its users. You know it becomes a brand. Whether you use google for education,

We have researched & find the best google apps for you. Google has proved the best search engine in 2021.

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What are the best Google apps of 2021?

Read the complete article for knowing more about Top Rated Google Services.

1. Google Chrome – Top Rated Google Product

No matter, you are a mobile or window user. You are well aware of Google Chrome. It is a well-known browsing app for users. Chrome does not need any introduction. It is the most widely used google app.

There are many other browsing apps like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Operamini, and so on. But Google Chrome has its own special place.

Why we are admiring it, read advantages or pros of using Google Chrome. It will clear all your ambiguity.

What do we get while using Google Chrome?

  • It syncs all bookmarks.
  • Saves your password if you allow it.
  • Allow you to open multiple apps without any issue.
  • Gives updates about recent & current top searches.
  • Have the ability to add extensions.

Bragging features:

  • It can load pages on low-speed internet. You can browse multiple pages at a time.
  • A safe & secure Google Browsing app.
  • An interesting thing is that you can interact with Google apps easily like GMail, Google Meet, or many others.
  • Allows you to open multiple browsers at a time.

We know you are using Google Chrome for reading this article. So must tell us about its usage.

2. Google Drive – Free Storage for You

You are a businessman or a student, you need high storage in your devices. Google gives you Google Drive. It is a very useful app that gives you a large storage ability.

Google Drive also performs multiple actions. You cannot only save your files but also can share them with your employees, or friends.

What are its other benefits? Kindly read below!

Bragging features:

  • Can share any type of file from anywhere to any part of the World. You can share files, videos, images, or whatever you need.
  • It has a search feature. You can search your lost file by entering the file name in the search bar. Your files are safe in Google Drive.
  • You can share a complete folder with any person on Google Drive.
  • An interesting feature is that you can open your folder anywhere on your mobile or laptop. The plus point is you can also edit it any time.

Have you ever used Google Drive instead of your device memory feature? Just tell us in the comment section.

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3. Google Pay – Mobile Payment Service

Here is another miracle app by Google. You are going anywhere. You need money but forget your wallet at home or office. Don’t worry. Google has found a solution for your problem. Google Pay is a problem-solving app.

It is your digital wallet. No matter where you are, what you want to buy. Google Pay is all in one. You can pay your bills. You can share money with your family or friends. You can do shopping. Feeling hungry? Google pay is here to pay your restaurant bills.

Want to know more about Google Pay, Read below sub heading.

Bragging features:

  • It connects directly to your bank account.
  • In this digital wallet, you do not have any security problems.
  • You can transfer money by just using an app.
  • Want to book a flight, order some food, due date of paying bills, Google Pay is everywhere to assist you.
  • It keeps all records of your transactions. So you can use it without any tension.

Have you tried Google Pay? Please acknowledge us!

4. Gmail – Free email Service

Gmail is one of the 20 best Google Apps in 2021. It is a well-known app for digital communication. Millions of people use this app for receiving & sending emails. Remember email, a past app. Now Gmail has taken its place with a lot of additional features.

Let’s find those additional features!

Bragging features:

  • Unlimited email storage. Yes UNLIMITED, you can store a high number of emails.
  • Has the spam folder. This feature saves spam or useless mail. You can view or reply to them at your own pace.
Do you know?

GMail is only one app that has billions of downloads (over 1.4 billion).

5. Google Keep – Take Notes Fast

Google Keep is another legendary app. It is a note-taking app launched by Google in 2013. Google cares about its users. This app is such an example.

Do you want to try Google Keep? Let’s use it after getting more knowledge about it.

Bragging features:

  • You can take notes anytime anywhere.
  • It saves your content automatically.
  • Google Keep has many features like an editing app.
  • You can use colour note pages for your notes.
  • You can label them or give heading at your ease.

It is just like a real little diary. With you always as a friend. Share your all stories with Google Keep.

6. Google Maps – Find Your Destination

Planning a picnic or trip with friends, but do not know how to find your destination. Yes, Google is also here. You can get help from Google. It has Google Maps out of 20 best google apps 2021.

It knows much better what is an easy way to reach. You just have to pin your current location & your destination. Let Google Maps take you to your destination.

You are shocked to know that Google Maps knows all about locations & destinations.

Bragging features:

  • You can view your destination step by step, streets, or corners.
  • It tells you how to drive according to the current traffic level.
  • Google Maps gives you the feature of downloading maps for offline use.
  • Accurate location app & guides you better than any other app.

Reach your destination with the help of Google Maps. & Share your experience with us.

7. Google Earth – 3D Mapping Program

Have you ever used Google Earth? If yes then do comments in the comment section. The other readers who do not use it. Stay with us to know about Google Earth.

Google Earth is one of the best google apps of 2021. It is the most useful app for finding new destinations. Its satellite view is admirable. When you click on your required destination, it zooms in & shows you the location. You feel yourself closest to that location.

Bragging features:

  • It represents a destination with 3D features. You feel that you are standing at that place.
  • You can also add your own location.
  • Undated data than other apps.
  • Free to use.

Add your home location to Google Earth. So people may reach your town easily.

8. Google Docs – Keep Writing

Google Docs is all in one. It has multiple features that make your work easier.

Bragging features:

  • It has the best formatting features.
  • You do not need to worry about grammar or sentence mistakes. Google Docs will highlight all the mistakes. You can easily correct them.
  • The best feature is that you do not worry about saving documents. It saves your document automatically in your Google Account. You can open your account anywhere by using your mail address.
  • It ensures your security. Your documents are safe in Google Docs.

You will also become a fan of it.

9. Google Forms – Administration Tools

Google Forms is one of the best survey apps. You can use it for many things like an admission form, survey form, thesis response, or any other. It is the best Google app in 2021.

Bragging features:

  • It offers for its user’s ready-made themes & templates.
  • You can use it anywhere with the connection of your Google account.
  • Has the feature to add to any website.
  • It gives you a link. You can share anywhere.

Do you know?

You can block user responses on Google Forms after a given time!

10. Google Meet – Real Time Meetings using Browser

Google Meet is a video calling app. You can say that it is a useful business or study app. It has excellent features.

Bragging Features:

  • You can present your content or projects.
  • It has the capacity to handle a large number of audiences.
  • The maximum you can have 100,00 viewers on video conference.
  • The size is small with specialized features.
  • Easy to use.

Arrange productive seminars on Google Meet free of cost.

Final discussion

That’s the list of the 10 best google products or services right now. In this modern world, it makes our life easier. As it becomes our family member. You want to translate any language, use Google Translator. Want to search for something, browse Google Chrome.

Have sufficient storage in your device, use Google Drive. Forgot your wallet at home, use Google Pay. Want to note friends’ addresses, Google Keep is here for you.

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Do not know how to find the right path, Google Maps will take you to your destination. Have to write a research proposal, use Google Docs with additional features.

Want to get students or employees, take Google Forms & send it to your audience. Boss has given you a task to arrange a virtual conference for a large number of employees. Google Meet is here to solve your problem. Just arrange a meeting & send a link.

In the nutshell, all these above mention apps are the favourite Google products that you want in your daily life in digital world.

What is your best Google apps? Share us your views in the comment section.

Be human in this digital village!

This post was originally published on 14, April 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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