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Best plagiarism checker tools: From Students to Content Writers (2021)

How to check plagiarism for free OR Are you looking for the best plagiarism checker tools? Yes, you are at the right place. In this article, we researched & found a list of the top 10 plagiarism checker tools.

When I was a student, I was worried about my plagiarized content. Then, I thought there should be proper guidelines for students. How can students check plagiarism in their content? Are there any tools or websites that offer free or cheapest plagiarism checking offers?

So, after lengthy research, I found the 10 best plagiarism tools. They help to find your copied content free of cost.

These tools & websites are also offering cheap premium features. You can also buy their paid packages.

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We also have good news for you. These tools not only detect plagiarism but also detect all mistakes in your document like grammar mistakes, incorrect spellings, wrong sentence structure, & punctuations issues.

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The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools List

After the complete reading of this article, you will get overview of the following;

Let’s have a complete & deep discussion on top plagiarism tools.

Grammarly Interface

1. Grammarly – Best free & Paid Plagiarism Tool

Grammarly is a famous plagiarism checker tool. About 90% of teaches & students believe in Grammarly results. It has a long list of fans. World-famous universities like Berkeley, Stanford & Michigan trusted on Grammarly results.

It proofreads your document automatically. You can get your plagiarism report within a few seconds.

Grammarly detects plagiarism quickly because of its longest database. It has about 16 billion web pages & ProQuest’s databases. You get your results instantly.

Grammarly is the best-accurated plagiarism tool for research papers. If you are looking for an authentic plagiarism checker, then Grammarly is made for you.

Grammarly scan your document in pieces and give you a plagiarism report to a minimum. It is highly beneficial for the teachers & students.

Teachers & students can use it for the documents;

  • All types of academic research like essays, research proposals, book review, literature reviews or any type of case study.
  • Any form of business study or research
  • All forms of medical literature
  • Creative content writing like scripts & novels

It is not enough, we have a long discussion on this best plagiarism tool.

Capacity of Grammarly plagiarism tool

Grammarly has capacity to diagnose:

  • More than 400 grammatical mistakes
  • Any form of contextual spelling mistakes
  • Redundancy
  • Wrong sentence structure

We listed a few attributes of Grammarly. But believe us it is one of the best plagiarism tools.

How can you find grammarly?

You can find Grammarly easily. It is available as a browser extension. If you have no internet, don’t worry. You can also use it offline as an extension in MS Word. It also aids you in Outlook integration. Grammarly gives you plagiarism reports in the form of a percentage.

This is the review of grammarly. Now we will tell you pros and cons of grammarly plagiarism checker.


Following are the pros of Grammarly plagiarism checker tool:

  1. More than 600 universities trust Grammarly reports.
  2. Millions of bloggers & writers all over the world use Grammarly.
  3. It can detect a minimum amount of plagiarism and tell you results in the form of a percentage.
  4. In the addition of a plagiarism checker, it can also detect grammatical & punctuation mistakes.
  5. It has a bonus point that it provides you plagiarism report in PDF form too.


I have been using it for years. Trust me. I did not find any con in Grammarly. Try it and tell us in the comment section if you find any con.

ProWritingAid Interface

2. ProWritingAid

It is another magical plagiarism tool available in the market. It finds copied content in your writing. You paste or import your content on the ProWritingAid website for plagiarism checking.

It also diagnoses common writing mistakes like grammatical mistakes, writing style problems, and other forms of mistakes. Authors & editors all over the world believe in its plagiarism report.

Now let’s have an eye on the pros & cons of ProWritingAid tool!


Following are the pros of ProWritingAid tool;

  1. Its premium features are too good. They give you a lifetime deal. You get all of its features at a low rate for a lifetime.
  2. It can scan your document from MS Word directly.
  3. You can also find it in Google docs.
  4. You know it finds plagiarism even in a low amount of 10%.


I personally believe that it does not have any con. So, use it and tell us if about your experience of using it.

Whitesmoke Interface

3. Whitesmoke

Here is another master plagiarism tool “Whitesmoke”. If you use it, you will definitely be satisfied. It is trusted by many audiences, readers, writers, examiners, & of course students too.

About billions of online web pages and resources check your content. Your copied content is easily diagnosed.

It is not as good as grammarly. But you can use it as the best alternative instead of grammarly. Again the working & processing is the same, like in grammarly. You can say it takes your document to a critical analysis.

Like the above tools, we will also discuss its pros & cons too.


Following are the advantages or pros of the Whitesmoke plagiarism tool:

  1. It scans your content and matches it to the billions of web pages.
  2. You have your plagiarism report in just a few seconds.
  3. The best alternative for your research writings.


As we earlier said, it is not the best as grammarly. So it has the following cons:

  1. It does not have a large web directory as Grammarly has.
  2. We are not sure so much about its authenticity.
Duplichecker Interface

4. Duplichecker

You also find it a reliable plagiarism checker tool. A large number of teachers & students believe in its report.

It is not very costly, even it’s free version helps you a lot.

You find it authentic for scanning your essays, academic writings, freelance writings, academic research, thesis, or a simple assignment. You will get a satisfied plagiarism report.

Its processing is a little bit different. You have to copy your content and paste it in Duplichecker. Then click on the plagiarism icon. Website automatically scans your document. It starts reloading & gives you plagiarism reports.

Have an eye on the pros of Duplicheker!


You will get the following pros if you use Duplichecker.

  1. It is a free plagiarism checker too.
  2. You will finalize about 50 scans for duplicate content daily. It is an ideal condition for the teachers.
  3. You find it easy to use.


  1. It scans your content just limited to 1000 words.
  2. You cannot use it twice. If you want to use it more than one time, you have to sign up for free. Interface

5. works for helping teachers, students & freelance writers. You will get a report after scanning content or documents. So you can submit your research writing with its plagiarism report.

It worlds like Duplichecker. You upload your document. It scans and matches to other web contents. Then, you will get remarks on your uploaded writing. Basically, it generates a plagiarism report. is the best plagiarism checker tools available now.

I hope you might be interested to know pros & cons of


Following are some of its pros:

  1. It is a trusted plagiarism checker tool.
  2. It offers a free trial.
  3. You can upload in any form of documents like word, docs, PDF, or any other form. After uploading, you can make changes easily.


  1. It offers a paid version after trial use.
  2. It is more expensive than Grammarly.
  3. Here are its limitations. It does not guarantee a plagiarism report. You can read its terms & conditions.

Have a visit & tell us about its plagiarism report. We will publish your reviews.

Quetext Interface

6. Quetext

Quetext works hard to make its ranking in the top 10 plagiarism checker tools. It was just a basic tool for checking duplicate content.

Its working is similar to the above tool. You have to copy, paste or upload documents on their website. They scan it and find matched words to other websites of its database.

It is one of the best plagiarism checker tools for students and also very helpful for teachers.

We know about your keen interest to its pros & cons.


Following are the reasons of its ranking in top 10:

  1. It is the best plagiarism detector tool for academic staff like teachers, students, writers, & editors.
  2. You can scan a bulk of content files. It allows you to upload up to 5 files for multiple scanning.
  3. Gives you a plagiarism report in the form of a PDF.


  1. Its free version does not give you deep scanning of your document.
  2. It is limited to a few. If you want unlimited reports, you have to buy its premium package of about $9.99 per month.
Small SEO tools plagiarism checkers Interface

7. Small SEO tools plagiarism checker

Small SEO tools plagiarism checkers have their own importance. You can get several tools under the umbrella of Small SEO tools plagiarism checker.

Its free basic package is loveable.

The processing is the same. Copy your content & paste it on the website. It starts scanning automatically. You have plagiarized content in front of your eyes. The website will highlight your copied content in red colour.

Remember red colour means threat.

Let’s see what pros & cons we have in this tool!


Is it beneficial? To much extent? Let’s estimate its quality!

  1. It is simple to use.
  2. Its free tool is fruitful for students.
  3. You have choices to find more tools for checking plagiarism of your web content.
  4. You can upload software from other resources like cloud, dropbox, or docs.


Its free version is not good. It is limited to little plagiarism scans.

CopyLeaks Interface

8. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is another admirable plagiarism tool. It works both as a plagiarism tool & copyright tool.

It gives you copied content or taken online from websites. You know it is the best tool for thesis writers. You have a choice to check up to 100 thesis at a time.

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Another good thing is that it also has an app. You can scan your documents from there too.

Here are some pros & cons.


Following are the pros of Copyleaks:

  1. It can detect plagiarized content in any language.
  2. Contains a long database website.
  3. In addition, it contains a business section for SEO agencies & publishers.


In the free package, Copyleaks give permission to scan just 2500 words per month. For high range, you have to buy its paid version.

Viper Interface

9. Viper

It is the free alternative to Turnitin plagiarism finder. You upload your document. Then, it displays online links where you have taken the content. In this way, you can change your content.

It is not the best as the Grammarly but fruitful for students in terms of budget.

Is it reliable or not? Let’s go deep!


Following are the benefits to use Viper:

  1. It is cheap like Turnitin and WhiteCheck.
  2. It can diagnose all forms of material like text files, books or even journals.


You find it reliable in terms of academic research. But it is not an authentic tool for online writings. Interface

10. is developed by the mutual contribution of professionals, computer scientists, & professors.

It is also a good alternative plagiarism tool.

Now we will talk about its pros & cons.


Following are my favorite features of this tool:

  1. It can filter your document from all other writings like internet versions, books, journey, magazines, & many others.
  2. Its multi-language feature attracts the most. You can check plagiarism of documents in Spanish, German, French, Italian & of course English too.


I felt bad when I didn’t find a free trial for using it.

Bye Bye!

We know you have read this article. Now you have a lot of options for the best plagiarism checker tools. Its totally depends upon your need in sense it depends on you what you choose the best plagiarism checker tools work for you. We personally like Grammarly. What is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section.

We analysed all the tools critically. You can judge by experiencing them.

Have a successful writing journey!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which websites can I use for plagiarism checker?

You have a lot of options. You can use a Small Seo plagiarism checker or Duplichecker for better experience.

How does a plagiarism checker work?

A plagiarism checker works differently. Some work as browser extensions like Grammarly. Many other websites require you to paste the content and then they scan. Other tools give you options to upload your content in the form of a file.

Which plagiarism tool is your teacher’s favorite?

Of Course Grammarly. However, you can prefer according to your choice.

Which plagiarism checker tool is available for students?

All of the plagiarism tools are available online except the last one.

Is there any plagiarism checker app?

Yes, Copyleask offers their app. By using this app, you can also detect plagiarism in your content.

This post was originally published on 12, April 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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