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Best Keyboard Apps for Android: top 7 you must try (2021)

Suddenly, I was thinking that most people stick with the keyboard that came pre-installed On their smartphones. But they don’t know, there are plenty of keyboard apps available in the play store. They are packed with tons of features to make your typing easy. These apps can give your android a next-level look.

Although, many apps are arrived but choosing the right one is a little bit harder but don’t feel worried about it. Here, I find out the 7 best keyboards apps for Android. All the apps I listed have admirable features, and importantly they all are trusted.

I use the “trusted” word because everyone uses the keyboard to type their personal details like phone numbers, passwords, banking details, and more. So using a trusted keyboard is important.

All the apps listed down below are for Android devices, some of them might be out for IOS as well but this article is specifically for Android users.

So, let’s save time and talk about the point!

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The ‘7’ Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Here are the top Android keyboard apps you can try.

1. Gbaord – the Google Keyboard

(Credit: Playstore)

There are many keyboards in the play store but on top, I highly recommend the google keyboard. Probably, Gboard comes pre-installed on most devices.

There is so much customizability, you can do so many things with it like search emojis within the keyboard, tons of beautiful themes, Glide Typing(Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter), voice typing, Multilingual typing, Gifs, and more.

Everything else about this keyboard is so awesome. There is an infinite amount of options like you can upload your own pictures in the background. Gboard hides no features or options behind paywalls or ads. It’s one of the best Android keyboard apps, and one of the best Android apps overall, and is completely free.

If you’re switching off your default keyboard, Overall I think this keyboard is the best one for you.

Download Now From Playstore

2. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

(Credit: Playstore)

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard was originally developed by TouchType for Android and iOS devices. But later this app was acquired by Microsoft for 250 million dollars. It’s another most popular android keyboard apps. When it comes to themes Swiftkey has the largest collection heads down. You can easily find a theme that suits your preference.

This app can intelligently learn your writing style, so you can type more faster. It can consistently learn and adapt to match your unique way of typing – including your language, nicknames, and emoji. You can use this keyboard to send emojis, GIFs, and more just the way you like.

It has a built-in clipboard that allows you to save text for later use. You can also customize the layout of the keyboard. Microsoft Swiftkey direct competes with Gboard but there are some differences between each. It’s not on top but it’s probably the best keyboard for productivity.

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3. Chrooma Keyboard 

(Credit: Playstore)

Chrooma Keyboard is a great and lightweight and fast keyboard app. The very best feature of Chrooma is it adapt the color of the app you are using like if you are using WhatsApp it turns color to green, on Facebook, it turns blue, and so on. This Keyboard is powered by a smart AI that provides you a better contextual prediction.

The app provides a high level of personalization like keyboard themes, font styles, emoji styles, keyboard size, and more. You can use it to send emojis, GIFS and also giving you punctuation suggestions. With Colored Navbar, Gestures Integrated, Multilanguage typing, One Hand Mode and Split Layout, Gesture typing, Night Mode, and much more you can do with it.

Download Now From Playstore

4. Grammarly Keyboard – The best Writing & Spelling Assistant

(Credit: Playstore)

You might be heard about the name of this service. As the name indicates, Grammarly helps us to correct your spelling mistakes or grammar in written English. It’s the best writing assistant of any other. If spelling mistakes, grammatical errors annoy you, then you must make sure whatever you are writing is error-free and this app will help you.

You can use it to write documents long emails and more. I recommend using this keyboard only as a writing assistant, instead of making it primary. This app can not recognize the popular lingos and they have not too many options.

This app allows you to write confidently, clearly, and mistake-free in all apps. You can also enhance your vocabulary by using the synonyms tool and improving your writing.

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5. Fleksy – The fastest typing android keyboard app

(Credit: Playstore)

Fleksy is probably known as the fastest typing android keyboard app. This is a pretty customizable keyboard app. Which comes with hundreds of different varieties of free colorful themes and an award-winning auto-correction.

There are three different keyboard layouts style, Full Emoji Keyboard, Full GIF Giphy keyboard, Private keyboard typing, Fastest keyboard by the Guinness Book of Records!, and much more. It lets you create keyboard shortcuts, you can Navigate your apps right from your keyboard.

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6. GO Keyboard

(Credit: Playstore)

With 200 million users worldwide Go keyboard is also the best android keyboard for you. It bills itself as the best emoji keyboard on Google Play. A heavy amount of themes are available. There are thousand+ of emojis, GIFS, 8000+ emoticons, 100+ fonts, and is supported in 60+ languages.

You can design your own customized keyboard. You can change your background by one switch, add your own photo in the background, Various layouts, and support for a tablet device, auto-correction, and much more you can do with it.

Go Keyboard is free but if you want to remove ads you will need to spend $2.99 (£2.34 or AU$3.96).

Download From Playstore

7. Classic Big Keyboard

(Credit: Playstore)

So if you are finding a keyboard with big buttons so Classic Big Keyboard is the best choice. Many people face a little bit of problem in typing due to big fingers but with the help of big buttons, you never get this problem again. With lots of pretty features, this app can also help you to make your typing easy.

Download From Playstore

Final Thoughts:

so Here is the list of best keyboard apps for Android ends up!

All the app I list has the best class features that give your mobile a next-level look. Every user has a different choice, I hope anyone easily finds the right one that fits their needs from the list of best Android keyboard apps.

Let me tell you which keyboard you like the most? Please Don’t forget to leave your positive feedback in the comment section.

This post was originally published on 25, December 2020, but according to new information stuff, this post will update frequently.

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