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Reddit Alternatives: Best Similar Sites Like Reddit (2022)

As Reddit Says; Reddit is the Front Page of the Internet. Reddit isn’t wrong because on Reddit you’ll find almost everything. I mean Everything. Whether it’s from the beauty field to the tech field, Reddit has the most active community.

Regular basis means every day millions of people around the Globe Post on Reddit, upvote them, and also discuss topics in comments endless time. On Reddit, you can make Subreddit and organize your community according to your interest.

Source: Reddit

Sneak Peek towards Founders:

In short, Reddit was founded by two college-going friends, one named is Steve Huffman (Founder and CEO) and the second founder’s name is Alexis Ohanian (Founder).

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Although, there are the best Reddit alternatives available in the market for killing time. Here we compiled the best list of Reddit Alternatives that look like Reddit.

So let’s Dive 🤿 into the Real Arena!

Best Reddit Alternatives at a glance

1. Slashdot – the best Reddit Alternative for Geeks

Reddit Alternatives

Today, we can’t live without computer geeks. What I mean here is we need geeks in our daily life to get work from them. Here on, Slashdot particularly focuses on tech news, which is best for any tech love person.

Also, it is the best Reddit alternative in the field of Technology News because Reddit provides all types of news and your interesting topic. Only Con in comparison to Reddit, Slashdot only focuses on Tech, but also plus point for Geeks because you can stay updated with the latest tech news highlights daily.

Slashdot provides the facility so that you can also submit your Story to Slashdot.

According to Similar Web, Slashdot has 3 million-plus monthly visitors and 60% of traffic comes from the USA.

2. Hacker News – the best Reddit Alternative for All Kind News

Reddit Alternatives

Don’t focus on his name because if you do, you’ll think it only provides news about Hackers. But on Hacker News, you will get all types of news related to your own interest.

On Hacker News, you give points to any submitted news, and then the highest point holder News rank on top on Hacker News site. Like Reddit, you can easily discuss your question or any query in the Hacker News comment section.

For more submitted post detail, click on the provided link, and it will redirect you to the site where it was originally published. If you think why I can easily trust this Reddit alternative, then the answer is New York Times and some other popular websites also published news on Hacker News.

According to Similar Web, Hacker News has more than 10 million monthly visitors and most 40% of traffic comes from the USA.

3. 4Chan – the best Reddit Alternative for Anonymous Sharing

4Chan is one of the best sites if you want to share your content anonymously. But note that if you’re not 18+ then please don’t visit this site because maybe this site has mature content which is inappropriate for some users.

You can easily submit your Story and then start discussing it in the comments. But the interesting thing is here that if you comment on any post your real name doesn’t show there, because your comment is always posted anonymously.

4Chan has one con because it has inappropriate content which is not for everyone. But the benefit is you can say whatever you want anonymously.

According to similar Web, 4Chan has more than 50 million monthly visitors and 30% comes from the USA.

Off-Topic Talk: There’s the whole story in which people said Group Anonymous started from 4Chan. Because in 2008 correct me if I wrong one user speak related to Political, and the majority of 4Chan people come and start typing bad words. Then a man comes suddenly in the comment section, it asked why they’re bullying the person when 4Chan is the website to say about everything. After a few times of talks, suddenly come person hack some user account and publish all detail in the 4Chan comment. From here, Anonymous Group is a start – according to most people.

4. Quora – the best Reddit Alternative for Question & Answers

Personally, I love Quora, if you ask me what are the best Reddit Alternatives you use? Definitely, I say Quora. On Quora you can easily ask questions, no matter what type of question, and belong to any field.

Quora Activist, immediately answer your questions and remember the person who answer your Question particularly expert what you asked. You can make different spaces, so you can make the community of your interest topic.

Quora provides you the option to send request the expert to contribute to your space so that your Space get new content on regular basis. There is no limitation of a topic, almost you can ask every type of question, whether it’s from beauty or from tech.

According to Similar Web, Quora has more than 500 million monthly visitors, and 40% of traffic comes from the USA.

5. 9GAG – the best Reddit Alternative for Fun Community

If we go back to 9GAG history, it started with the memes-sharing platform, but slowly it added the vast majority of topics. Due to adding different topics, 9GAG turns into the best platform with a great, active community.

Actually, it is not Reddit Alternative but by adding new topics it attracted millions of people to their site slowly it becomes the alternative to Reddit. You can search millions of articles on 9GAG and also find trending videos.

If you’re a person who likes fun and joy, then 9GAG is for you because random people post funny memes daily.

According to Similar Web, 9GAG has more than 100 million monthly visitors and only 6 traffic comes from the USA.

Which of the best Reddit Alternatives do you like the most? Share your views with us.

This post was originally published on 4, October 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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