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On Breast Cancer, Google collaborates with the US National Cancer Institute

Google Collaborated with the National Cancer Institue (NCI) on the rising diseases of Breast Cancer found in women. Now, why does NCI partner with Google? Because it will help to large cloud-based datasets and very good resources to analyze them.

This partnership has a previous record for being used BigQuery to host and analyze tons of genomic and proteomic data which is very helpful for scientists.

A worthy cause

“We’re spreading the word about the cloud’s cost-effectiveness,” Dr. Kawther Abdilleh, a partner of the Institute for Systems Biology-Cancer Gateway in the Cloud (ISB), is a lead bioinformatics scientist at General Dynamics Information Technology. “We’ve successfully demonstrated that researchers can analyze large amounts of data for less money and faster than ever before with Google Cloud’s BigQuery.”

According to, around one in eight US women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

In 2021, around 43,600 women in the U.S. have died from breast cancer; the death rates are higher than any other cancer besides lung cancer. 

According to senior ISB researcher Dr. Boris Aguila:

“Google’s AI platform, for example, allows us to easily create notebooks to use R or Python in combination with BigQuery or machine learning to perform large-scale statistical analysis of genomic data, all in the cloud. This type of analysis is particularly effective when the data is large and heterogeneous, which is the case for cancer-related data.” 

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