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How to mass delete All Emails in Gmail? (few clicks Required)

Gmail is an app that contains all your important messages, your attachments and even your bank account details and user name as well. But, not all mails popping out there on your notification bar are necessary and most of the time we already don’t open all.

Last Saturday I was just sitting idle opening my instal first and facebook later and when fed up with them both, I opened my Gmail account and what I saw was bundles of unread messages laying there waiting for me to open them, looking at me with their requesting eyes.

At that point, I decided to delete them all and free all sequences of unread messages. So in this regard when I will find my lost important messages I could thank myself later.



In this article, I’m gonna tell you how I deleted the bulk of my mails from Gmail at once, just with a few clicks.

1. Open GOOGLE on your laptop and write GMAIL there to log it in.

2. Log in to your account by using your account NAME and PASSWORD.

3. On the top left you will see a COMPOSE button and down there you will notice further options. Select MORE from them.

4. There comes an option with ALL MAILS. You have to click it.

5. Now click on the top box just in front of COMPOSE and you will see options there.

6. You can select any of the options you want. The kind of messages you want to delete like All, read, unread, starred or unstarred it’s your choice.

  • I am selecting ALL of them because I wanted to delete all my mails.
  • But it will select only 50 mails at once but as I wanted to delete all my mails at once I will click on the option of all 4,109 mails.

7. The last step is to click on the DELETE option up there.

Congratulations your gmail is empty now.

The same is the procedure using your palmtop whether you are IPHONE or ANDROID. And In case if you want to delete messages on your phone  (Gmail app doesn’t have that option for you). There you must log in your account on google/chrome. And the same procedure as I told you above, apply there.

So, you notice how I deleted my thousand of mails just with a few clicks otherwise you have to pay an initial subscription of nearly $19.99 per month which is I think not necessary if you have learnt how to delete a mass of messages at once.

After you delete all your messages they will move into your Gmail trash box and will remain there for 30 days. So if you think you might have deleted any important mail you can undo it later.

This post was originally published on 19, April 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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