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Chrome logo is changing after eight years, but why?

Google is tweaking the Chrome logo for some time but it’s not officially, suddenly Google announced that we’re changing our Chrome logo. From time to time, the Chrome logo is looking even simple, better and in bright colors, this update includes a bright shade in Chrome logo.

This new brake release by Google Chrome designer Elvin Hu on Twitter in which he concludes that “We want the icons to feel recognizably Chrome, but also well crafted for each OS”.

On Windows 10 and 11, the icon colors become darker toward the bottom, as shown in Figure 2. On Chrome OS, colors are brighter. The icon takes on a 3D aspect on MacOS, looking like a thin disk.

The only difference between this new Chrome logo from previous logos is more vibrant colors and the red, yellow-green are simply flat.

The first Google logo was designed in 2008. Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, designed it. The logo is blue with a shadow. It looks like the light trails on the emblem of cars are going very fast.

The second logo came into use with the release of Google Chrome. The designer behind this is Ruth Kedar, an identity designer who had also worked on Google bookmarks and Gmail logos.

The logo is made up of a capital ‘C’ which stands for Chrome; it has sharp edges, but if you focus your eyes at the center then they seem to be soft.

The third logo came into use in 2014, the design was done by graphic artist Anton Trotsky. The main part of the logo is a blue sphere with two black curved pieces like the side view of an eye. There are no hard edges and it’s full of life. The logo looks fresh and simple at first; however, if you focus your eyes on the center then they will seem to be soft.

It reflects Google employees’ experience that while designing this logo they focused more on functionality than beauty so that users can easily concentrate on their work rather than thinking about the interface designs used in browsers.

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