Sunday, September 18, 2022

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A friend in Need, WhatsApp Biggest Scam

This WhatsApp Scam is running more rapidly in the UK, around about 50% of UK people get a message like “a real friend message you from his real number that he needs money please send me this amount of money I’m in danger”.

You’re thinking buy why even it is possible that my friend texting me from his real number, then why not send money to my best friend.

Be Aware!

There is a group of hackers who are running this type of WhatsApp Biggest Scam which people get emotional, and they don’t want to say “No” to their friend that why he/she send money but after a few days, they know his friend doesn’t receive X amount of money.

This scam is not only running in the UK but also in the USA and also in other countries.

That means you need to secure your emotional mind and before sending any amount of money please confirm in your own way.

Let’s say you go and visit a friend and talk face to face about this message.

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