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What is an input device? Explained

We utilize input devices to tell a computer what we want it to accomplish. The mouse is an example of a standard input device most people use daily.

What is the function of an input device?

Input devices let us interact with our computers and other electronic devices by using physical actions such as typing, clicking, and dragging.

What is the definition of an input device?

An input device is a piece of hardware that takes some information (like your keystrokes) and sends it to another place for something to happen (like you calling grandma).

How do input devices work?

Input devices use switches, microphones, cameras, or touch screens to transform real-world actions into signals that computers can understand.

How many types of input devices are there?

Input devices come in every shape and size, including keyboards, mice, gamepads, joysticks, scanners, digital pens/styluses/mice/light pens/touch screens, trackballs, etc.

How old are input devices?

Input devices have been around for a long time, with the earliest known device going back to the second century AD. Heron of Alexandria invented a device that was operated by hydraulics and steam. It used valves that could open and close, thus changing the volume in tanks and creating tones.


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