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Subway Surfers Cheat Codes for Android (May 2022)

Do you like games? The main question is are you addicted to playing subway surfers still in 2022. There’s no such thing is like “are you still playing it” because the Subway surfers games provide you the best gaming experience to pass your free time.

Well, particularly it is made for android but if you want to play on a Desktop, you must have to download Bluestack and download in Subway Surfers game on this emulator.

In this Cheat Codes guide, you will see the best Subway Surfers Cheat Codes, and Promo Codes that are still working in 2022.

You can use Subway Surfers cheat codes for unlimited coins and keys to boost your gaming experience and increase the percentage of your addiction 😂.

So let’s dive 🤿 straight into our Guide!

What you can get after applying for a Subway Surfers Cheat Code?

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games on mobile devices, and for good reason. The game is simple yet addicting and can be very challenging at times. If you find yourself struggling to get past a certain level or achieve a high score, consider using some of these cheat codes.

Get more coins: Collecting coins is essential to progress in Subway Surfers, as they are used to purchase power-ups and other items. An easy way to get more coins is to use the “double coins” cheat code. This will cause all of the coins you collect during your run to be worth double.

Unlock all characters: There are a variety of characters you can play as in Subway Surfers, each with its own unique abilities. If you want to unlock all of them without having to grind for coins, enter the “unlock all characters” cheat code.

Invincibility: One of the most useful cheat codes in Subway Surfers is “invincibility”. This will make you immune to all damage, allowing you to run for as long as you want without having to worry about being caught by the police or hitting an obstacle.

Double score: If you’re looking to rack up a high score, enter the “double score” cheat code. This will cause your score to be doubled for the duration of your run.

Endless coins: Another great cheat code for those looking to get more coins is “endless coins”. This will cause a stream of coins to appear in front of you, allowing you to collect as many as you want.

Before describing and diving into the cheat codes list for subway surfers, first, you have to learn how to apply cheat codes and promo codes to your Subway Surfers mobile game on android.

How to Apply Cheat Codes and Promo Codes on Android

1. Yeah, the first step should be “to Install Subway Surfers into your smartphone” and tap on the game icon to run.

2. Now, Open the setting and locate the “Unlock Code” option, and tap on it.

3. Now you will see a blank “Code Bar” enter your code here and click on Check Mark Sign and Tada your Subway Surfers Cheat Code is applied. Enjoy…!

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes & Promo Codes for Android

Below, are the subway surfers cheat codes list, which is still 100% working in 2022. If you find any code that is expired, so please immediately tell us, and we will add a new updated cheat code.

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes for Unlimited Coins

9L6T4EQ3000000 coins
8SRP7PB150000 coins
776UHC610000 coins
2ML3QN595000 coins
IS8LV4W50000 coins
KZAKHBT50000 coins
OGK3BEY10000 coins
EGV28EP9900 coins
BACK2MOSCOW9001 coins
LATKR329000 coins
WHT6JP57000 coins
N9KF7IR7000 coins
BVN71WV6500 coins
QK1TVQ06500 coins
W77LZ746000 coins
EAK5NUV5000 coins
2B28E9E5000 coins
ZVY7UCI5000 coins
MNFRPMK4000 coins
RE5DRD54000 coins
US7I3GQ4000 coins
B70DG423000 coins
8MS8J5F2000 coins
DNGPL06500 coins

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes for Unlimited Mystery Box

I0LEJX4Mystery Boxes
KCWHGHAMystery Boxes
ARW8OLCMystery Boxes
I04DX9TMystery Boxes
EV0TNJGMystery Boxes
PRHZXO9Mystery Boxes
Y3FUSKYMystery Boxes
TUNJ0M9Mystery Boxes
0TW5197Mystery Boxes
S0M8D0LMystery Boxes
HY3OZNDMystery Boxes
JF2UJ8FMystery Boxes

Subway Surfers Cheat Codes for Unlimited Keys

0AL4WBT300 keys
AWR9XN4300 keys
2CAT7B850 keys
ZZ7Q3OY50 keys
9NTRGRB20 keys
V7T816E10 keys
K3YT3V910 keys

Some Random Subway Surfers’ Cheat Codes

0BENX2SRandom rewards
56TL9CORandom rewards
72JO6LQRandom rewards
6TFNB9CRandom rewards
Z4HL4UVRandom rewards
RGWEAN1Random rewards
IYIBGUORandom rewards

I want to stress that; please if you find any expired subway surfers cheat code, immediately tell us we will update with a new version of the cheat code.

How can I cheat a high score in subway surfer?

The objective of the game is to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

There are many ways to achieve a high score in Subway Surfers. One way is to use power-ups at the right time. For example, the Jetpack can be used to travel long distances, while the Score multiplier can be used to increase your score multiplier.

Another way to get a high score is by collecting coins and using them to buy power-ups and characters. You can also earn coins by completing missions and challenges.

Which Subway Surfers hacks do you like the most? Share your views with us.

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