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Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, or Linux: Which one is better? 2022

What’s an operating system?

An operating system is software that is essential for your computer’s working. It offers an interface between the hardware and applications running on the hardware. Nowadays, modern OS offers slick user interfaces having lots of utilities, tools, and preloaded apps that allow you to perform many functions without installing third-party applications.

These OSs include a variety of apps such as photo/video/text editors, web browsers, email clients, calendars, music players, and much more! An operating system also offers tools that keep your computer working smoothly, safe, and malware-free. Most of these OSs include built-in security features and VPNs that protect your devices against malware. Moreover, these OS offers an automated update process that keeps your system updated against hardware/software compatibility and other vulnerability issues.

How to select the best OS? 

With the advancement in the OS market, nowadays, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux are most overwhelming among users. But selecting the correct operating system and considering many factors together with choosing an OS might be a daunting task.

Moreover, most non-tech savvy people are often unaware of these OS features, capabilities, user-friendliness, and price. So, for your convenience, we’ve rounded up the vital information regarding Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux that make your decision process a breeze. Are you excited to know more about these OS? Then let’s dig into these great OS:

The most popular and familiar operating system on the list is Windows which offers a variety from Windows 95 to Windows 10. This operating system is fueling 70% of the entire computing system worldwide.

User-friendly OS:

This OS interface is user-friendly, and the starts up or resume operations work quickly in it. The latest versions of Windows 11 also include a built-in security defender that keeps your data safe. No wonder Windows 10 covers 40% of the entire global market, which makes this OS most compatible with all devices in the world; except iOS. Due to its worldwide availability and durability, Windows offers a wide range of traditional software. This app library has become even broader than in past years with the arrival of Windows 11. It allows the Microsoft Store compatibility with Android apps and supports various compatible software.

Windows Security Defender:

Windows Security Defender is the most incredible feature of this OS that offers seven sections. It offers a variety of protection features, including Virus and threat protection, Account protection, Firewall, and network protection, App and browser control, Device security, Device performance, health, and other Family security options.

The version of Windows Defender allows you to run four kinds of security scans; quick, complete, custom, and offline. The quick scan searches the most common places of your device where viruses or malware are likely to hide. However, the full scan checks all files and programs on your hard disk against viruses or malware. A custom scan will allow you to scan selective files or folders.

Moreover, the Offline scan shuts down your computer and scans it against particular pernicious malware. Under the Virus and threat protection, you’ll find much more on/off slider options like real-time/ cloud-delivered/tamper protection and automatic sample submission. This Windows Defender contains the most suitable security elements, such as antivirus scans, ransomware protection, and parental controls. Windows defender is an excellent option to defend your PC, but it still can’t beat Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Also, it lacks some features, including encrypted cloud storage for sensitive documents, erasing a secure file, a password manager, and a VPN subscription. 

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Windows offers compatibility with a wide range of hardware via its extensive driver support. So, if you want to play intense graphics video games or work with dynamic software for media, video editing, or computer-aided design, then Windows is the best option.

However, some macOS and Chrome OS can compete with Windows, but they’re far more expensive. Moreover, the Windows PC interface also offers a variety of shapes and sizes and compatibility with third-party add-ons. You can easily add any company’s mouse, keyboard, webcam, SSD, graphics tablet, printer, scanner, monitor, or much more devices via a USB port to your computer.

All these devices work well with Windows. This advantageous feature makes Windows more popular than macOS and Chrome OS.

User Interface:

Windows 10 and 11 offer a traditional desktop interface with the latest Start menu design that can be organized according to your liking. You can easily organize all your files and programs in the start menu and pin these programs to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, Windows offer different themes such as dark/light modes and customizable wallpapers options. 

Affordable devices:

Another considerable benefit of Windows is the cost of Windows-compatible devices that are much cheaper than mac or iOS devices. Computer or PCs from manufacturers like Dell, Microsoft, and Lenovo have comparable prices to Apple products, but you can also buy a Windows laptop for under $200. Windows devices work much longer and run smoothly no matter how much price you pay for them. 

Weakness of Windows OS:

  1. More vulnerable to malware, spyware, and ransomware threats
  2. Bugs cause inconsistent functionality in Windows OS

macOS: Dynamic interface design

Almost all Apple devices are integrated with macOS. In recent years, mac OS has offered entirely free operating system upgrades. So, if you’re an Apple user, then there is no other option for you except the macOS.

macOS security feature:

The security defender of macOS is more secure than Windows. It is a fully secured operating system with few security flaws. macOS keeps an excellent track of security updates, putting macOS on top of security issues compared to Windows. macOS offer good parental controls with Screen Time. Moreover, the system offers a sterling reputation for security and has been improved in the latest Catalina version. It also offers dedicated user privacy features that make this OS most demanding. 

Easy-to-use interface:

macOS is much easier to install and update than Windows. Moreover, it offers faster updates that can be quickly installed and managed with less hassle. MacOS offer a wide range of applications for free, such as a music composition tool (GarageBand), video editing software (iMovie), and much more! Moreover, it offers a complete productivity package of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, allowing you to preview and create PDFs, files, or ppts. A quick search feature in the top-right corner of macOS allows you to search your computer and the web.

Moreover, the rocket icon on macOS opens up the Launchpad, which provides a clean interface for all your apps. On the other hand, Finder is Apple’s version of File Explorer, where your files, downloads, and other apps reside. The desktop of macOS with shortcuts echoes looks like Windows 10. The latest Stack feature of this OS allows you to quickly group files in flexible clusters. Also, you can easily change the desktop background in macOS by changing settings in the System Preferences.

Compatibility with iPhone:

macOS computers offer compatibility with Apple’s products, such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watches. macOS allow you to control all Apple devices by unified design language tools such as Siri that work with PC and mobile. macOS compatibility with Apple phones allows you to do cross-functionality such as writing a left-off document on any device, picking up phone calls, and answering texts from your Mac.

The latest macOS version allows you to log in to the device without a password; however, this facility isn’t available on Windows. However, using third-party tools on macOS is much more complicated than on Windows. 

Limitation of macOS:

  1. macOS hardware is more expensive and limited than Windows.
  2. There are no hardware updates in macOS.
  3. Malware can target macOS more than Windows.

Chrome OS: A Linux-based OS 

Google’s web-based operating system differs from other OS as it relies on the Chrome browser. It is a Linux-kernel-based operating software that Google designs. The Google Chrome web browser support variety of web applications and much more!

Customizable desktop interface:

Like Windows 10, Chrome OS offers a customizable desktop interface and keeps things managed, making it a perfect OS for students who do all of their work on the web. The launcher icon on the bottom-left corner of Chrome OS allows you to quickly access apps and view recent files. However, the opposite corner pop-up box allows you to change WiFi, Bluetooth, and other accessibility settings quickly.

The picture was taken from laptopmag.com Phillip Tracy

Variety of apps and programs:

However, you’re not allowed to install third-party software on a Chromebook, yet many apps exist in the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store. You can easily download apps from the Google Play Store onto your Chromebook. Moreover, Google’s apps, such as Maps, Gmail and Translate, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps, etc., are accessible on Chromebook.

Moreover, Chrome OS offers a few best chatting apps, such as Slack, Discord, and Face Messenger. It also offers the Adobe Photoshop app for sketching and infinite painting, an excellent option for artists. In addition, you can enjoy various Chromebook games, such as Minecraft and Shadowgun Legends, etc., when you’re not studying.

Better working:

The hardware of Chrome OS is available at a very budget-friendly price than Windows or macOS. Hardware. Moreover, laptops having cheap processors, small SSD, and little RAM can efficiently run Chrome OS. These inexpensive designs can run Chrome OS much faster than Windows and macOS. Whether you select a high-end or low-end Chromebook, you’ll experience the same experience of Chrome OS on every Chromebook and Chromebox. Chrome OS is prevalent in an educational environment, and you’ll never face any bloatware problems that Windows OS has. 

Weakness of Chrome OS:

  1. It can’t support heavy applications, like full versions of Microsoft Office and most games.
  2. Offers limited storage capacity, and you’ve to store everything in the cloud.

Linux: Most secure OS

Linux is one of the most secure operating systems and is a perfect choice for organizations, schools, and homes. You can freely download it, use it, and share this OS.  

Incredible features of Linux OS:

  1. The best feature of this Linux OS is that its open source. 
  2. It offers a built-in firewall and virus protection software, making it the most secure OS. 
  3. Offers the best security features with no flaws.
  4. Auto updates prevent your OS from crashing.
  5. It’s free, and you don’t have to pay for the license. 
  6. The app store of Linux OS includes a variety of apps.

Limitations of Linux:

  1. Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud aren’t available on Linux OS.
  2. In terms of gaming selection, Linux lags behind Windows. 

Wrap Up!

At last, I would say that all these operating systems are perfect in themselves except for a few flaws. But if you’re looking for an OS for personal use such as gaming or browsing, Windows OS is a perfect choice. But if you have an Apple device, there is no option except the macOS. However, if you’re running a business, then Linux is best for you. So, if you want to change your old OS, then before selecting any of these OSs, make sure that it suits your needs or not.  

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