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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Snipping Tool in Windows 11

You all know the importance of screen capturing tools in a device; whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

A screen capturing tool allows you to take a screenshot of your device screen to save important on-screen information. Moreover, it gives you mental piece by eliminating the need for files or documents for saving important notes.

The most versatile and easy-to-use screen capturing tool in Windows 11 is the Snipping Tool. This tool offers innovative features to capture on-screen text.

The question is;

Most people ask why we should prefer using the Windows 11 snipping tool and what’s its importance.

So, in this informative article, I’m going to reveal 8 reasons why you should use the Windows 11 snipping tool.

Are you excited to know about the pros of the Windows 11 snipping tool feature?

Then let’s dig into this article:

8 Common Reasons Why You Should Use Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Variety of shapes modes

Windows 11 snipping tool offers a variety of shape and form modes that makes it a remarkable tool as compared to others. If you take a screenshot randomly in Windows 11 you won’t be able to select a portion of the screen.

But by using this remarkable snipping tool in Windows 11, not even you can select a small screen portion but also capture the screen in different shapes. The snipping tool offers 4 different shape and form modes that allow you to freely capture the screen; the way you want.

These 4 different modes are as follows:

  • Rectangle Mode: This mode allows you to capture the laptop’s screen in a rectangular shape. You can easily choose the shape and size of the screen’s portion by holding and dragging the cursor.
  • Window Mode: This mode will let you select a specific window application. This mode is useful when you’re working on multiple applications and only want to capture one of them.
  • Full-screen Mode: This mode acts like the classic screenshot allowing you to capture the entire screen. This mode can’t be customized but allow you to save everything on the screen.
  • Free-form Mode: The most flexible of all modes is this free mode that allows you to customize the shape. You can easily capture the screen portion you want to save by adjusting the borders. For adjusting the shape drag the cursor around the borders to make the desired shape.
The picture was taken from Windows Central by Mauro Huculak

Detailed images

The snipping tool of Windows 11 allows you to capture high-definition and stunning images.

No matter what the size of your picture is, this tool will help you to save each picture visible, legible, and clear.

Moreover, the different shapes of the snipping tool allow you to capture your wanted content and eliminate distracting visual clutters.

Easy-to-use: Shortcut Keys

It’s very important for a good application that it must be adaptable and usable in any situation. Likewise, the Snipping Tool of Windows 11 competes with its predecessor applications by offering keyboard shortcuts to launch the app.

You just need to press the Windows logo key + Shift + S, the snipping tool app will be launched.

This shortcut key eliminates the hassle of searching the application and lets you capture your important moments within a few seconds.

Moreover, by pressing Alt + M you can easily select the snipping mode. Alt + N key allow you to create a new snip in the same window.

Shift + arrow keys let you move the cursor to select the snipping area. Alt + D allow you to delay screenshot by 3-10 seconds. Ctrl + C keys help you to copy the snip directly to the clipboard. While by pressing Ctrl +, you can quickly save the snip without much hassle.

All these shortcut keys are useful when you’re busy and don’t have much time to search for options. The best thing about this keyboard shortcut is that you can easily open the snipping tool and select other options while running other applications on your computer.

But, before using this shortcut;

I recommend you first learn how to take a perfect screenshot via the Snipping tool.

The picture was taken from the RajaCreator by Oleh Hongli

Set a timer

Just like other photography apps, Windows 11 snipping tool also offers a set delay feature that helps you to take a perfect screenshot without any worry.

Thankfully, with the help of this delay feature, you’ll get enough time to line up each detail in your picture correctly. This delay feature allows you to pause the screenshot for 3-10 seconds so that you can easily double-check whether everything is perfectly lined or not.

Once the timer ends, the application window will be closed and screenshot mode will be activated and capture the picture after the timer is up.

Offer incredible editing tools

Editing an image involves importing your image to another software; this process can be time-consuming. Moreover, using the right tool for highlighting or erasing any information in the correct format can be a daunting task for you.

So, to lessen this problem,

Windows 11 Snipping Tool allows you to edit the screenshot in the same window.

After taking the screenshot, a few options will pop up on the screen that allows you to do the editing:

Ballpoint: By using this editing tool you can add doodles to your captured image in any color you like. This tool will also help you to write notes on your captured image. You can even create drawings or annotations on the screenshot if necessary.

Highlighter: The highlighting option will let you add translucent colors to the text for marking important portions of the captured image. Unlike the ballpoint feature, this highlighter tool is see-through which helps you to add more details to your text.

Eraser: An eraser will help you to remove any mistakes or make any changes to your screenshot. So, no need to worry if accidentally make a mistake in your screenshot while in a hurry, this eraser tool got you covered.

Ruler: This tool will help you to draw lines either by using a ballpoint pen or the highlighter tool. Because using the mouse to draw a line might result in inaccurate lines. So, the ruler tool will help to keep your lines straight while editing.

Crop Tool: This tool will help you to select a specific portion of your screenshot after it has been taken. This cropping tool will help you to remove any unnecessary parts.

Offer sharing or printing feature

Sometimes you want to share or print your captured screenshot with others.

So, to fulfill your intention this Windows 11 snipping tool offers a share and print option that allow you to share your screen capture easily by pressing a single button. This tool is useful when you want to print hard copies of your screenshots.

Moreover, you can quickly share the captured images to a nearby device or even send them via Gmail within no time.

After taking a screenshot click on the “See More option” that will show sharing and printing options.

URL removing option

Windows 11 snipping tool also offers a feature in which you can easily remove the URL of the captured picture. When you take a screenshot from a browser window and save it in the form of an HTML file, you’ll see a URL appears below the screenshot.

To remove this URL from the screenshot, click on the Options menu. You’ll find a clear URL below the snips (HTML only) option in the box that appeared on the screen.

After selecting this option, you’ll see that URL is removed.

The picture was taken from the BleepingComputer

Light/Dark modes

Unlike other boring screenshot apps, the Windows 11 snipping tool allows you to select the theme of this app; light or dark mode. By clicking on the three-dotted menu, you’ll find a setting option.

Open the settings and select the personalization option, in which you’ll find an “Appearance” section. In this section, you can select 2 themes of this app according to your wish.

Final verdict!

With the advancement of technology, our devices are equipped with incredible tools that allow us to save every piece of information.

Just like the same, this Windows 11 snipping tool allows you to capture every moment on the screens.

No matter whether you are using multiple screens, this tool will capture every moment regardless of the circumstances.

So, must try the Windows 11 snipping tool to quickly and accurately save your work.


Is the Snipping tool better than a simple screenshot?

Snipping Tool is more versatile than a simple screenshot as it allows you to do everything; from a simple screenshot to editing and even more. The different shapes, functions, and editing tools make this platform better for busy situations as compared to the simple Google Chrome screenshot.

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