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What To Do If Your Phone Keeps Turning On And Off? [Winter 2023 Issue]

Some users struggle with the problems of smartphone resets. It happens that during normal use, the phone suddenly shuts down, only to restart the operating system moments later.

In this guide, you will read what are the causes of this type of malfunction, and how to deal with it. Check out some valuable tips and enjoy the comfort of your device.

Potential Causes

A number of factors can contribute to the spontaneous resetting of a smartphone. The list of potential causes is quite long, so be sure to carefully review the issues we raise. It is worth noting that in many cases this type of behavior of the smartphone does not indicate a serious failure, but only a fault that can be eliminated on its own.

Does resetting the phone remove everything?

Fortunately, no. However, with such a shutdown, all your applications will close and you may lose, for example, a text message you were in the middle of writing. Another situation is the so-called hard reset. However, it can only be done in the phone’s settings. In this case, what could be the reasons why the phone shuts down and turns on by itself?

Like any electronic device, the phone can sometimes fail us. Of course, technology is constantly evolving, and manufacturers continue to strive to make the user experience state-of-the-art.

The problem may lie on the hardware side, as well as a software issue. Therefore, the cause should be thoroughly investigated. It is worth mentioning that in high-end smartphones technical problems are extremely rare. However, it is enough to have some trouble with the software, battery, or installation of an untrusted application for the phone to crash or reset.

What to do when the phone turns off and on by itself?

There are several ways to fix a fault related to a resetting phone. Depending on the cause of the problem, we can, for example, remove certain applications, ensure that the battery is functioning properly, or update the software. It is worth finding out how we can deal with the problem ourselves before we decide to visit the service center. We present the most common problems related to why the phone turns off and on by itself.


If your phone is restarting on its own, the problem could be an overheating phone battery. There is no doubt that long conversations, playing games, or using demanding applications can contribute significantly to this. A further consequence will be the malfunctioning of the system. In addition, such a loaded battery simply overheats faster. It is worth keeping this in mind and taking care of optimal battery usage while using the device.


Applications are constantly appearing on the market, which can be downloaded and installed in the memory of our device. However, it is important to remember that software can sometimes put a significant strain on the smartphone’s components.

If your phone shuts down and turns on by itself, it’s a good idea to review the list of installed apps and remove those you don’t use. It could be a good decision to abandon some games, especially if RAM does not allow you to fully enjoy them.

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Software updates

Another important factor is the software update. This is a process that should be done regularly. To check if you have an up-to-date operating system, just look at the device’s settings. The update is very fast, easy to run, and can help if the smartphone resets itself. It is definitely worth carrying out. The hardware will simply start working much better.

SIM card problem

If the phone resets itself, the problem may be a damaged SIM card. The contacts may be rubbed after some time. This causes the smartphone to struggle to identify the card. It is also possible that there will be problems with the operation of the device. If cleaning the card with a cloth soaked in alcohol does not help, it is worth going to the operator’s showroom to get a new card. Of course, the phone number will be retained.

Worn-out battery

We mentioned that the battery sometimes overheats. The next stage may be its damage. When the smartphone can’t work at an optimal level, it’s no wonder it shuts down. Of course, the battery should be replaced from time to time, as the process of battery consumption is natural.

However, rational use of the smartphone will keep us comfortable for longer. It is worth keeping this in mind and trying to limit long hours of talking, playing games, or using applications that are demanding for the components. A few good practices will give us the expected comfort at work.

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Battery overheating

When the phone turns itself off and on, the battery may already be very hot. If the smartphone is currently under significant load caused by games or background running apps, it can reset itself to at least cool down the battery for a while. This is a standard feature that manufacturers often implement on onboard devices.

The restart should be a warning to the user. It should be mentioned that newer phones will allow the use of multiple functions simultaneously. Therefore, before buying, it is worth considering not only the battery capacity but also the RAM resource or processor clock. All the information can be found in the technical specifications.

System software

We mentioned the importance of updating the software. It is worth adding that old versions, as well as untested applications, can be the cause of resetting our smartphones. There is no doubt that this type of problem happens very often. Fortunately, it is quite easy to deal with it.

Just remember to download only verified applications, so that we can keep the convenience of work and entertainment at an optimal level. In case you feel you can’t figure out what is wrong with your device on your own, Repairs Bay has pros who are ready to help.

Bye Bye!

Smartphone resets can be caused by a variety of factors, including hardware and software issues, overheating batteries, and untested applications. It’s important to investigate the cause of the problem before seeking professional help. Common solutions include removing unnecessary apps, updating software, and ensuring proper battery usage. Rational use of the smartphone can prevent premature battery wear and improve its lifespan.

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This article was originally published on March. 25, 2023

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