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How to Use Snapchat Filters on Zoom (Easy Steps to Follow)

As the coronavirus begins, online conferencing apps have gained much more popularity. With Zoom conferencing app, you can communicate with each other or attend business meetings without any internet interruption. However, if you’re video calling with your friends the normal appearance of the Zoom app might look boring to you. For adding some spice to your appearance or background, you can use the Snap camera app with Zoom.

Snapchat offers a variety of fun filters that add enchanting effects to your face and background. These filters will change your entire appearance and even transform your face and background. By using these filters, your remote meetings will be funnier and more entertaining, only if you learn how to use or enable Snapchat filters on Zoom. All you need is to get Zoom software and the Snap Camera app on your laptop or PC.  

But for most non-tech savvy people it might be difficult to download Snapchat on PC and laptop or to enable Snapchat filters on the Zoom app. If you’re one of them, then this article is best for you! In this blog post, I’m going to elaborate on the process of enabling Snapchat filters on Zoom. So, do you want to know more about Snapchat, how to download it, and to enable its filters on Zoom, then let’s delve into this article:

What’s the purpose of the Snap camera?

Snapchat is an application that offers a snap camera that expands its camera lens to your desktop space. Nearly all filters of the Snapchat mobile are available on the Snap camera. Snap camera is software that is specially designed to collaborate with third-party video conferencing apps such as Zoom, etc. Snap camera is also integrated with hotkeys that allow you to change the lens and capture pictures during calls. It is the simplest and most secure way to add effects to your Zoom calls than letting other unknown third-party software access your webcam.

Requirements for downloading a Snap camera:

To download the Snap Camera app on your computer or laptop, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Your system must have Windows 10 (64-bit) or its newer version. However, if you’ve MacOS then it must be 10.13 or newer.
  • Your system must have an Intel Core processor of around i3 2.5Ghz or AMD FX 4300 2.6Ghz
  • Your device must be integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4000, Nvidia GeForce 710, or AMD Radeon HD 6450.
  • The screen resolution of your device must be 1280×768 or higher.

How to download a Snap camera?

To download the Snap camera on your laptop or PC, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the official page of Snap camera and download it on your laptop or PC.
  2. After going through the license agreement, scroll down and mark check on the box “I have read” to proceed with downloading.
  3. Complete the CAPTCHA, then two options for downloading will appear below it. Now depending on your OS whether it’s a PC or Mac, download the snap camera.
  4. After completing the download, install it and open the app.
  5. Now you can try various filters, and add some of them to your favorites via settings.

How to apply Snapchat filters on Zoom:

It’s not a tough task to apply filters on the Zoom app, by following these steps you can put Snapchat filters on your Zoom call within a few seconds:

1. After downloading the Snap Camera to your PC or Mac, agree to the privacy policy. Now enter your email to access the snap camera. Allow the snap camera app to access your PC or Mac camera and microphone.

2. Open the Snap Camera app and select a suitable filter

Snapchat Filters
This picture was taken from tomsguid.com by Kate Kozuch

3. Now again open the Zoom app on your device.

4. Now choose the Snap Camera option in the video settings of Zoom app preferences that will apply your selected filter on your video preview.

This picture was taken from pcmag.com by Lance Whitney

5. If you want to return to the normal appearance and background, simply close the Snap Camera app, which will also turn off Snap Camera on Zoom. Now open your Zoom video window and click on the arrow beside the Video button again. This will take you back to the main camera.

6. However, if you want to keep Snap Camera filters always available when you start your computer. Then open the Snap Camera app and go onto the Settings icon in the upper right corner. You will see an option that says Run Snap Camera on System Startup, and turn on its switch. Now the Snap Camera app will automatically start whenever you sign in to Windows. So, no hassle to change settings every time you open the Zoom app.

Final verdict!

Now I must say that you’ve learned enough information regarding Snap Camera and how to enable Snapchat filters on Zoom call. With Snapchat, you can make your boring study meeting funnier and more engaging for little kids. Whether it’s your virtual date or a meeting with your classmates, the Snapchat filters will surely make you giggle in a boring meeting. If you’ve any queries regarding this article, let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable Snapchat filters on mobile?

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile
2. Now tap on your avatar and go on to the Settings icon to open a menu.
3. Under the “Additional Services” option, you’ll see a “Manage” option. Tap on this option.
4. When you tap on the manage it’ll show a slider for enabling filters. Turn it on; it’ll show green color.
Thus, by following these steps, you can enable Snapchat filters on your smartphone within a few seconds.

Is the snap camera available on mobile?

Currently, Snap Camera apps only work with Windows and Mac computers. So, you can’t install it on your iPhone or Android.

What to do if my Snapchat filters aren’t working?

If your Snapchat filter isn’t working, then go into the setting and select the “Manage” option. When you open manage makes sure that the “Filters” option switch is on or not. If it isn’t on, then just tap on it to enable the filters. After switching on this option, go back to the main window of Snapchat and check your filter whether it’s enabled or not.

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