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TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Review: Is this home network adapter?

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  • Strong Wi-Fi Signals
  • Easy to install
  • Super tech support
  • 2,000Mbps claimed


  • Switching issues
  • Advertised rate is just a myth
  • If you use an outlet for power, it’ll drop the adapter’s actual speed.

TP-Link’s AV2000 Powerline Adapter is a great if you want to expand your home network and include plug points in all of the rooms! It offers fantastic speeds which are good for downloading movies or playing online games.

Are you frustrated with your internet speed issues, and does your internet disconnect every 10 minutes? Then you’re at the right place in this TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Review guide; I’m going to reveal the top-notch TP-Link powerline adapter. First let me clear this for you; a WiFi extender works to extend your WiFi signals which may cause degradation of signal strength. The reason for this degradation is that; the signal beamed from one location to another causes latency in your network and decreases internet speeds.

Moreover, your home’s walls, furniture, and ceilings will add more latency to the WiFi strength. On the other hand, powerline adapters carry signals from your router to your PC via Ethernet cable if placed farther from your PC. As the calls are carried via ethernet cable, your home/office walls, furniture, and ceilings can’t add latency to your WiFi speed; thus, making powerline adapters superior to WiFi extenders.

Powerline adapters always come in a pair; one adapter is plugged-in near your router via ethernet cable and the other adapter near your internet-requiring device. If you have a large family and want more internet connections, you can add more powerline adapters; this won’t decrease your internet speed. But with the vast range of TP-Link products saturation on the market, it might be difficult for you to decide which one is the best.

Don’t worry; to lessen your hassle, we’ll reviewed TP link AV2000 powerline adapter that lets you make a stress-free purchase decision. Let’s delve into the fascinating features of this worth-buying product:

How much does it cost? Is it worth buying?

For this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter review, I’ve tested two adapters kits which cost me around $90, which equals £75 and AUS$61. However, this product might look pricier, but as you’ll continue to read this review, its unique features, including; ethernet cables, plug point, upgraded speed, and much more, will let you believe that you’re getting what you’ve paid for. 

High-end specs:

In this part of the TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter review, I’ve compiled a brief intro of this product’s high-end specifications, which are as follows:

  • The dimension of this powerline adapter is 2.8 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches.
  • It includes 2 Gigabit ports.
  • The Ethernet connectivity with this powerline adapter will offer 2,000Mbps speed. 
  • It can be connected at a maximum range of 1,075 feet.
  • It provides 27.6 Mbps speed at 100 feet.
  • The estimated power consumption bill (Mbps) will be around $23 per year.
  • It comes with a data encryption property; 128-bit AES, that makes your network safe and private
  • These multiple adapters work well under 230 volts.
  • This adapter is easy to install and is a perfect choice for streaming movies, TV, YouTube, and gaming.

Design: Bulky yet smart choice

First sight, it looked lightweight and designed adapter. But unfortunately, when I hold this adapter, I’m shocked that it’s a pretty bulky beast. But as I came to know about its high-end specs, it came to my mind that this product is heavy as it contains powerful technology. This bulky adapter weighs around 1.9 pounds and comes with decent depth legs, making it quite obstructive for your plug socket, no matter if you change it.

Its glossy white color doesn’t mix well with the interior design of your room or TV lounge, and it looks like a white sore thumb hanging on the wall. The high price is actually because of the bulky size that you’re paying to improve your network speed. However, the sturdy design of this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter doesn’t affect its functionality. 

Front, back, and edge design
Credit: To respective owner

Let’s talk about the Ethernet ports located at the bottom of this device, but due to its slim design, you can arrange this adapter upside down so it won’t disturb your other filled sockets. Moreover, the most valuable and unique design of this TP-Link AV2000 adapter is a plug socket on the front of this adapter. Due to this front plug socket, it becomes easy for you to directly plug-in games consoles, TVs, or other electronic devices without leaving another wall socket.

Moreover, if you’re a two or four-socket plug setup, you need to plug this adapter on the top of these sockets to avoid any blockage; for quickly plugging in your ethernet cable inside the socket. However, in other adapters, you may face this issue because of the wrong plug socket position, which gets into the space of additional sockets, and you’ve sacrificed the whole socket space. This adapter is better than other options like snaky, terrible, and long ethernet cable junk throughout your house, which doesn’t seem ideal because this wire junk can be life-threatening.

Is this adapter offer much speed as it said?

Let me clear one thing at the start of this topic that you may see on this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter box; it offers you a speed range of around 200Mbps to 1,200Mbps. Still, if you know the technology well, you know that such speeds can’t be achieved in real life. This speed is calculated on a theoretical basis that any high-end processor can offer. Still, this speed is slowed down significantly because of various environmental factors.

All the top-tier companies like TP-Link, Netgear, and TrendNet advertise their adapters at pace with the flagship speed to attract buyers. But when people buy their products and don’t achieve the advertised rates, they might be disappointed. But to the truth, any top-tier adapter can’t accomplish these advertised speeds because of environmental and wiring issues. So, leave all your worries in this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter review; I’ll let you believe that you’re not wasting money on this product. When TP-Link released its previous version that offered around 1200Mbps powerline speeds, we thought they’d reached a plateau for some time.

But now they claim that their AV2000 version offers a maximum powerline speed of around 2,000Mbps, boasts more ports, and beats their AV1200; the previous model. This AV2000 model is integrated with the same 2×2 MIMO having beamforming technology as the AV1200 adapter. But there’s a considerable increase in its bandwidth; this AV2000 powerline adapter has wider data bandwidth, around 86MHz, compared to the AV1200 model having 67MHz bandwidth.

This TP-Link AV2000 MIMO uses three wires in an electrical cable and transmits data on two pairs of them. Due to these factors, the speed is improved, and you can enjoy the same rate on longer distances between adapters. As I’ve tested by myself, when we connected both adapters in the same room, we received top speed and scored around 432Mbps rate when transferring 1GB file within 19 seconds. But as we changed its position and connected the second adapter in a room one floor down, around 20 meters apart, indeed, the speeds dropped.

Moreover, in this test, the AV2000 adapter scored 117Mbps speed, which is way below 2,000Mbps. However, this speed isn’t up to a point but fast enough than other adapters. Also, this speed may vary according to your home’s internal wiring.

How Does Powerline Ethernet Work? (Techquickie)

Performance: Speed-quality

If we check out its raw performance, this powerline adapter offers 68.4Mbps download speed and 3.6Mbps upload speed. This AV2000 model offers the fastest rate, around 117mbps, for delivering a 1GB file in very little time; this speed can’t be achieved with any other adapter. Moreover, this AV2000 adapter offers much more speed for streaming your favorite movies, gaming and improving your 4K resolution experience.

Moreover, this AV2000 adapter is perfect for streaming your favorite devices like the Roku Ultra or Nvidia Shield! It shows very little ping speed, which is less than ten milliseconds. Also, the actual data transferring speeds may vary due to this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter ethernet port and networking factors like data traffic, electrical interference, and other wiring issues. But suppose you’re not sure about your networking conditions. In that case, you can consult with an IT professional that will assist you in choosing the best networking product. 

Each manufacturer on the market boasts a lot about its powerline adapter kit and prides its plug-and-play technology. However, when you select this TP-Link powerline adapter across all WiFi extending calls, the first thing that comes to mind is its ease of setup. No worries, as with this TP-Link’s AV2000 powerline adapter, you can conveniently extend your WiFi without help. First, you need to plug one adapter close to your router, then connect the Ethernet cable from the router with this router. Once you’ve done this setup, take another adapter device and plug it close to that device that needs internet to improve network speed.

Moreover, if you have a collection of game consoles and smart TV in your home, it’s better to plug in the second adapter closer to these devices; so you’ll avail both wired connections and internet facilities.

TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Configuration
Credit: To respective owner

Moreover, the Ethernet cables that you receive in the box of this TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter are solid and long enough. But they can’t be stretched across the room; you can only set this adapter close to the plugs via these ethernet cables. Once you’ve done this task, you have to press the pair button on both devices, after which three times, green lights blink, showing access to the powerline network. For beginners, I’ve also mentioned more details about this device working in this part of TP-Link’s AV2000 powerline adapter review, which is as follows: 

What do powerline lights mean? 

  • If the light is yellow-green, the powerline network works in good condition.
  • When red light appears, it shows the problem or poor condition of the powerline network poor condition. In that case, we recommend you try another wall socket.
  • When the light is off, the TP-Link adapter is not connected to any powerline network or is in power-conservation mode.

Uses of pair button:

  • You can connect or join a secure powerline network when you press and hold this button for 1 second.
  • Pressing and holding it for 8 seconds will let you leave the already connected powerline network.
  • If you press and hold this button for more than 15 seconds, you can reset your powerline adapter.

What to do if the powerline adapter shows no internet connection?

  • First, you must ensure that all powerline adapters are connected to the same circuit.
  • Next, you’ve to ensure that all lights of your powerline adapters light up together. If they don’t do so, reset or pair all your powerline adapters.
  • Ensure that all hardware connections are perfectly and firmly connected.
  • Check your internet connection by connecting your computer directly with the modem or router.
  • Your computer and router’s IP must be on the same electric circuit. 

Final Verdict

I’ve tried not to convince you by writing more positive reviews and hiding this product’s cons. Being an honest reviewer, I’ve given an authentic TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter review. If you still feel fishy, you can also check this product’s Amazon review and Lifewire’s test. Moreover, if you want to buy this bulky design TP-Link AV200 powerline adapter that offers incredible accessibility and reliability, then you can check the Amazon link below. Regardless of its hefty price tag, this product is the best of all its previous versions and competes with other companies. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is TP-Link AV2000 powerline adapter better than the Netgear powerline 1200 adapter?

When we compared this top-tier TP-Link AV 2000 adapter with the Netgear Powerline 1200 adapter, TP-link offers 2Gbps speed which is much greater than Netgear’s 1.2Gbps speed. TP-Link has more ethernet ports for connectivity and a sleeker design that won’t disturb other plugs.

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