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4 Ways to Temporarily Disable Face ID on your iPhone

Face ID is a convenient and safer way to unlock your iPhone without entering a passcode or touch ID. Face ID uses light projectors and sensor technologies to capture your facial features. These technologies are collectively called the ‘TrueDepth camera system,’ and they work together to build a detailed map of your facial Face. Thus, via these technologies, Face ID recognizes your Face within seconds and unlocks your phone.  

Why is Face isn’t suitable?

Have you ever thought somebody could force you to unlock your iPhone via Face ID? People can also access their iPhones without permission by using their selfies. In addition, if you’re wearing a mask, the Face ID of your iPhone won’t recognize your Face. Moreover, unlocking your iPhone via Face ID might be a frustrating task in case of an emergency or if you’re in a hurry.

At these times, you might think that there must be a way to disable Face ID temporarily on your iPhone quickly. Whatever reason you’ve, this article will help you learn about quick shortcuts for temporarily disabling Face ID on your iPhone. These quick and clever methods will let you temporarily disable Face ID on your iPhone within a few seconds. So, are you eager to know more about these methods, then let’s dig into this informative article:

Easy Ways to Temporarily Disable Face ID on your iPhone

Disable Face ID via Settings

The first and the most common method that most people prefer to disable Face ID is to dig into your iPhone settings. The steps below will disable your Face ID for Apple Pay, iTunes, and App Store unless you can set it up on your iPhone. After disabling Face ID, you can still unlock your iPhone via passcode. Here are the steps that will help you temporarily disable Face ID via the Settings app:

  1. First, go into the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Now search for the Face ID and Passcode option, and then enter your passcode to open Face ID settings.
  3. In the Face ID For section, you’ll get a variety of slider options that are turned on (Green switch). Now turn these sliders off to disable Face ID.
  4. Moreover, resetting Face ID allows you to set it up again for your iPhone. Once you exit the Setting app, your Face ID will be disabled.

Temporarily Disable Face ID via Volume Button

Instead of digging into Settings apps for disabling Face ID, this quick shortcut will let you temporarily disable Face ID. This solution proved the best if you’re in a tricky situation and need to quickly disable your iPhone’s Face ID. The side and volume buttons of your iPhone will help you unlock the iPhone without the Face ID. Here are the steps that let you temporarily disable Face ID:

  1. First, lock your iPhone. Now press and hold the side button with either the volume up or down button for a few seconds.
  2. The following screen will appear. Now press Cancel (X) on it, which will bring you back to the lock screen with a passcode to unlock your iPhone. The Face ID will be disabled now.
  3. When you unlock your iPhone via passcode, the Face ID feature will be enabled again and usually work.


  • Don’t release these buttons unless the screen appears with a slide to Power off option, Emergency SOS, and a Cancel option. 
  • If you have an iPhone X or a later version with Face ID, you must press and hold the power button with the volume up at once. After a few moments, the following screen will appear with a power-off slider and other options allowing you to disable Face ID.
  • But suppose you have an iPhone SE, iPhone 8, or older model having a Home button. In that case, holding the power button in a downward direction will appear a slider to turn off and the rest of the options for temporarily disabling Face ID.  
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Temporarily Disable Face ID by using Siri

Another quickest way to temporarily disable Face ID is to use Siri. Most of you might be now thinking about how Siri could help disable Face ID. So, for this purpose, follow these steps: 

  1. First, open the Settings app. 
  2. Now enable Siri when your phone is locked. 
  3. Now when you’re in a hurry, hold the side button of your iPhone, and ask Siri, “Whose device is this?”
  4. Siri will answer your query and automatically disable Face ID.
  5. Now a screen will appear with a passcode option. Once you enter your passcode and unlock your iPhone, the Face ID will be enabled again. That’s how you can easily and quickly disable your Face ID via Siri.

Temporarily Disable Face ID via Emergency SOS option:

Another alternative option to unlock your iPhone without a Face ID is to access the emergency call and SOS option. This option is available on the same screen where you enter the passcode; at the bottom left, you’ll see the text “SOS.”

If you press on the “SOS” text, it’ll take you to the emergency call page that shows Medical data at the bottom left corner of the page. Choose that red button from the bottom that will disable Face ID on your iPhone. However, you’ve to enter the passcode to access your iPhone, and once you enter the passcode, the Face ID will be enabled again.

Note: If you’ve got an older version of the iPhone having a home button. Then after enabling Emergency SOS mode via its settings app, select either Call with Hold or the Call with 5 Presses option. If you enable the Call with 5 Presses option, press the side button five times. And if you enable the Call with Hold option, then hold down both sides and volume up or down button just like in the power-off procedure. After doing both these methods, you’ll see a countdown before contacting emergency services. Moreover, if you cancel this countdown, it’ll temporarily disable Touch and Face ID on your iPhone. So, you’ve to unlock the phone by entering a passcode. 

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Wrap Up!

I hope these simple tricks will let you disable Face ID to reduce the fear of someone getting into your iPhone without permission. All these methods are straightforward and quick, and once you disable your Face ID, you can quickly enter your phone by entering your r passcode. If you still have any queries, ask freely in the comment section below. But if this information is helpful to you, then you must share this article with your friends and family to support us. 

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