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Top 10 Places to Find Free Notion Templates in 2022

Nowadays, one of the emerging and most popular tools is Notion which allows you to create, manage, and design pages the way you like. It also offers ready-made templates and you can download them free for summarizing your work tasks or personal goals without any hassle.

Notion templates save your time, increase productivity, and get your job done simultaneously. Moreover, Notion templates allow you to create your workplace from scratch.

Using a Notion template is a wonderful idea as it allows you to customize workflow without creating a team and manage your daily tasks conveniently. Thus, by using the Notion template you can easily boost your workplace productivity on a low budget. But it might be difficult for some people to find the right Notion template for their job.

We’ve all done it:

To make this task easier, I’ve mentioned the top 10 picks where you can find the best Notion template galleries for free.

So, are you excited to know more about these places, then let’s delve into this article:

How notion template is helpful?

This non-stop productivity tool will help you to get the most out of it in the following ways:

  1. In a few clicks, you can organize and save bookmarks
  2. It allows you to make notes by using boards or table databases for tracking your goals
  3. You can make a to-do-list for organizing and creating tasks
  4. By using a free account of Notion template, Notion templates allow you to work easily with a team by providing multiple layouts, boards, calendars, and much more!
  5. Notion templates allow you to add images and other visual elements such as videos, bookmarks, and emojis to your workplace for making it more esthetic and manageable.
  6. Notion template allows you to set up reminders so that your important events or due dates won’t miss. Moreover, you can also set up a timer for notes or document revision at a later time whenever you need.
  7. Notion templates allow you to create a new page and start writing your new ideas on it.
  8. The notion will replace multiple apps and software so no need to go back and forth between different software for creating and managing a workplace.

10 Top Places to get free Notion Templates

In this list, we’ve mentioned 10 free Notion templates for you, that offers a plethora of free templates for personal finance, health care, HR, goal tracker, and much more!

Notionway: Aesthetically Pleasing Template

This amazing website offers over 150 free templates and paid as well. So, instead of wasting your time creating a new template optimize your workplace by using Notionway. The free templates of Notionway are neat, and eye-catching, and make your UX experience easy to follow and manage.

The left panel of this app, allows you to select the category of your template that you desire. When you click on the category, all templates will be displayed. Now click on the template you desire and the next page will show details or ratings of that template.

After selecting your template, enter your email address and fetch the template for making your workplace more productive.

aNotioneer: Premium Quality Templates

Most of you may require a Notion not only as a productivity tool but also for organizing your personal workplace. So, aNotioneer would be the best choice because it offers premium templates that let you maximize your productivity. It keeps your databases manageable by using Notion.

On this platform, you’ll find 3 template categories, such as Notion for work, home, and study. Besides fantastic templates, it also offers useful guides that help you to get the most out of this best Notion. Also, if you don’t find a suitable template, then you can create a new template via Notion formulas.

Creating a new template will be a tedious and time-consuming task and you’ll get your new template within 2-3 minutes. Most people prefer making new templates for sorting their recurring tasks. However, for increasing your productivity and saving time, you can use free templates that perfectly organized your workplace with formulas and guidelines from aNotioneer.

The Notion Bar is an excellent platform for getting Notion dashboards, templates, and workflows that optimize your UI and UX experience to a great level. It offers free as well as paid templates that can be easily downloaded and you can use them for professional and personal use.

The aesthetic Notion Templates of Notion Bar are offered in multiple categories, such as students, personal, professional, cultural, funny, friends, and teamwork templates.

This wide range of uniquely designed Notion templates will raise your work experience and keeps your Notion game at ace.

Moreover, the Notion Bar also offers a list of incredible resources that provide layouts, ideas, and tips to design, implement, and manage your tasks in a better way.

Red Gregory: Best for beginners

One of the best Notion template galleries for beginners and professionals is Red Gregory.

This platform offers wonderful tips, tricks, and templates that fully optimize your workspace. It offers 80+ formulas and 200+ templates, that help you to get the most out of Notion easily. It offers essential templates for your workplace in six different categories such as planning, noting, tracking, journaling, organizing, and designing.

All of these templates are downloadable and ready-made, so no need to make changes to these templates. Moreover, it offers free templates with amazing themes for your personal and professional use. It also offers essays and articles that will help you to get the most out of the Notion for achieving your personal and professional aims.

Notion Pages: Offer Advance tips for user

Notion Pages is a wonderful platform that inspires new Notion users to design their workplaces. It includes a wide range of the latest and most productive templates.

The template ranges from an employee handbook to a meal planner on Notion Pages so no need to create a new template. The “advanced tips” feature of this platform makes it different from others. Notion pages provide useful tips from beginners to experienced Notion users so that they can maximize their productivity and excel in their personal aims.

With a click, you can easily duplicate a Notion template. Moreover, you can also share your Notion template setup with the world. Notion Pages offer uniquely designed templates for tracking video games, life schedules, seasonal goals, and other uncommon goals or tasks that you may have.

Thomas Frank: Offer Incredible templates for Content Creators

Thomas Frank’s platform offers a variety of Notion courses on his website. These courses provide tips and tricks to boost your workplace productivity.

Not just courses, but this website offers a collection of well-designed templates. However, the templates are less in number, but their quality is above average. All these templates are designed professionally touch that gives your workplace a streamlined interface.

Moreover, this platform allows you to duplicate any of these modern templates and edit them. This would help you to create customized Notion templates for your personal needs.

Notion VIP: All-in-One productivity tool

Notion VIP is different from other platforms as it offers a new and overwhelming way to learn Notion. By getting certification with its “Discover Notion A-to-Z” course you can easily redesign your workspace and achieve professional goals.

This platform offers premium and free templates as well that help you in calculating and imagining your everyday progress. It offers a wide variety of templates ranging from efficient project organization templates to objectives or key results templates that are designed professionally and are available in ready-to-use form.

Notion Everything: Saves your Time by offering Great Templates

By using Notion Everything you can much of your time as it offers incredible templates, useful tools, and the best consulting that will help you to set up and manage your Notion. It also allows you to create a project and offers task managing tools for freelancing businesses, startups, agencies, or private projects.

Moreover, when you subscribe to its “Your Notion Weekly Digest” newsletter, you’ll get 3 new highlights every week in your Gmail inbox. Also, if you’ve designed an incredible template and you want to share it with your friends and other communities, then the Notion Everything platform gives you that opportunity.

If you want to design a new template, Notion Everything will provide a “Guidelines Template” for creating a new template and you can also add them to this platform.

Simple.ink: Allow you to build your own Website

Using the Simple.ink platform, you can conveniently create your personal website and share it by generating a URL once you’ve made it. So, anyone having your website link can visit and check your website.

It is a unique platform and offers a variety of Notion templates for building your website. The templates are quite impressive and divided into categories ranging from landing pages to templates for blogs, Portfolios, Resume platforms, and much more!

For creating your website, simply select a template, make it duplicate, and start creating your personal workplace. This platform offers the right combination of templates that makes your workplace an all-in-one solution for your needs. It is simple to use and you can even boost the productivity of your personal tasks or jobs without creating a team.

Notion: Offer a Workplace for education:

As a busy student, you might have lots of assignments, lesson plans, and projects. And one of the biggest troubles is that you’ve to keep all this in a single place. So, here we introduce you to a Notion platform that offers the best notion templates for students so that they can organize all their tasks in one place. Notion offers a Student Workspace Template that offers 5 exclusive databases to track your life goals.

These databases help you to make a schedule so that you can keep the track of every school event such as lectures, midterms, seminars, etc. You can also make a to-do list of your pending tasks to easily manage your sub-tasks and super-tasks.

It also allows you to keep track instructor’s e-mail address, office timing, and other courses that he/she is teaching. You can also manage your courses and resources on this platform so you won’t get confused and easily manage your courses under Notion.

Final Verdict

I hope that these productivity tools will help you a lot to redesign, create, and manage your workplace. No doubt, all these Notion platforms work incredibly to boost your productivity. All these notion templates offer pre-designed free templates that make your workplace more creative than ever. I assure you that after selecting any one of these platforms, you can design an effective workflow system for making your personal and professional life better. No need to collaborate with a team as by using these apps you can organize your daily tasks much more easily.


Can we sell our personally designed Notion templates?

Yes, after creating your own Notion template, you can sell it by monetizing it from the website where you designed the template. Whenever any person uses it, you’ll earn some money unless you haven’t offered it for free.

How to design a new Notion template?

For creating a new template on a particular platform, follow these steps:
1: First, go onto a new page on the Notion platform
2: Now scroll down through the drop-down menu for selecting the “Template button.”
3: Customize the template and name according to your choice
4: Once you’re done, click on the “Close” button in the top-right corner and submit your template to the websites such as Notion, Simple.ink, Thomas Frank, etc.

Can we use Notion templates on mobile phones?

Yes, all these Notion apps are available on Android and iOS. You can easily duplicate these templates to your Notion page and also edit them on your mobile phone.

How to edit an existing Notion template?

To edit the existing template, follow these steps:
1: Click on the dropdown menu on the right of the New button (blue) on the right side of your database.
2: A list of all preset templates opened.
3: Now click on the ••• icon present on the right side of the template that allows you to edit.
4: When you click on edit, different features will pop up that allows you to make changes to the template.
5: Now save the changes and enjoy your template.

What is the meaning of database in Notion?

The databases in Notion are cabinets or notebooks for storing your work. Each database in the Notion platform act as a storage house that allows you to easily organize multiple Notion pages within a single platform.

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